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Zap Girl saves Ireland by Amy Fallon, age 12, Ireland – WINNER


I was in the middle of doing my homeschool work when suddenly the phone started ringing.

“Oh yes!” I thought “anything to get away from these books”.

I answered the phone with little enthusiasm as I believed it was my School Principal checking in.

Oh boy, did I get some shock when I heard oh so familiar voice at the end of the phone…a voice I had become so familiar with hearing on a daily basis.

It was the Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tony Holohan ringing me from his office in the Dept. of Health and Children.

I stammered a response that it was I, Amy, speaking.

It took a few seconds for me to realise that this wasn’t a prank call from one of my friends. It was THE Tony Holohan.

Oh wow, wow!!

“OK, focus Amy,” I said to myself.

“Get a grip!”

This I did very quickly as Tony explained he wanted me, AMY, to save Ireland from the monster Covid19 that was trying to invade our beautiful country.

I hadn’t put on my Superhero cape in 2 years – but I knew I had to do all I could to save, not only Ireland, but all the other countries fighting this deadly monster.

This was the monster that had started making millions of people so ill, shutting down shops, closing schools, keeping us locked in our homes, keeping us from grandparents and friends…making us rely so heavily on technology to survive!!

This monster was the most famous AND deadliest monster EVER!

So without delay I opened my wardrobe and stepped inside, opening the secret passage door that would lead me to my secret den.

ZapGirl was getting to save her beloved homeland again.

But first I had to get to Wuhan, the dwelling place of this grey monster with its sharp teeth and weird red spikes.

I changed into my costume like the flash of yellow lightening that was on the back of my black boiler suit.

I hopped into the travel pod that would “zap” me over to this Chinese city that the world had heard so much about.

I arrived in Wuhan and straight away got to work trying to locate the monster!

I made lots of enquiries in Wuhan’s streets and markets, but no sighting.

But as I was beginning to despair, I got word through my smartphone that it had been spotted cloning itself at the Three Gorges Dam.

Although the sweat was rolling down my face from the humidity of this city, I instantly pressed on my zapper.

I was zapped to the largest dam in the world.

I wanted to jump into the water, as the heat was suffocating.

But this dam was a hydro electric power plant which was as notorious as the Covid19 Monster, so I couldn’t take the risk it would wash me away.

I scanned the whole area, all along the Yangtze River, until I spied the red spikes peeping over the 181 metre structure

– a structure double the height of The Statue of Liberty in New York!

But this monster was no Lady!

It wasn’t an emblem of friendship and freedom.

Quite the opposite, in fact, as this was keeping every nation a prisoner in its own country.

But those red spikes were unmissable and as I got closer I could see thousands and thousands of these monsters being created by this horrible Covid19 creature.

I knew I had to work fast. I had to “zap” those grotesque creatures that were multiplying at an enormous rate.

As I started my efforts to eradicate this monster, it began to fight back with vigour.

It coughed and sneezed at me with all its might.

I had my face mask on and I sprayed my hands and arms with my sanitizer.

This monster wasn’t going to get the better of me!

I zapped and zapped.

I used every bit of energy I had to get rid of this monster.

My tummy rumbled with hunger, but I wouldn’t back down until this creature was defeated.

It took five long hours to finally see the red spikes drown in the river.

They howled as the river brought them out past Wuhan and Shanghai to finally be disgarded in the East China Sea.

I had done it! I had saved Ireland.


Now to call my new pal Dr. Tony to tell him the great news and to eat!

Name: Amy Fallon
Age: 12
Country: Republic of Ireland

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