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Write a magazine article

write a magazine article - image of magazine

What’s the Idea?

If you think you would like to write a magazine article to submit or publish, read on for some ideas.

What’s the story

I’m a journalist and magazine editor & would like to share my thoughts on how to write a magazine article.

I specialise in aviation myself but you could apply these steps to any topic.

People should do this because…?

It is really rewarding to get your article published either in print or digitally!

How do you do it?

When you write a magazine article, it is generally a good idea to write about a subject you are genuinely interested in and know a lot about.

The topic could be something you’ve worked on, or researched in the past, or just really enjoy doing.

However, if it is a topic you are passionate about but don’t yet know too much about, don’t be put off. There are many resources to obtain information from, so you could still choose this topic.

Next, choose an angle that would appeal to magazine editors. Including a news-hook is often good.

If something related to your topic is newsworthy, this will help you to get your article published. For example, has some new research been published that you could refer to in your article?

Research, in general, is really important. So is ensuring you use credible sources.

Getting quotes from companies specialising in your topic is a good way to include insight.

Also, ensure you credit your sources where necessary!

You’ll also need to consider your target reader. Is it a consumer magazine, a trade magazine aimed at a business-to-business audience, or something else? Research those magazines to learn more about the tone of voice they use, then adapt your copy accordingly.

Consider attaching good-quality photos (that you have permission to distribute) when you submit your article to the magazine. This will help illustrate the topic.

Finally, ensure your article is free of errors and spelling mistakes!

In this link, you can find more ideas on how to get your article published.


  • A computer or laptop
  • Internet access for research.
  • A notebook and a pen (for writing down ideas)

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