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Celebrate World Pride 2020

Celebrate World Pride 2020 with us!

We’ve lined up some fun activities to entertain both kids and grown-ups alike.

Add a splash of the Pride rainbow to your weekend and enjoy these creative ways of celebrating such an important movement.

pride Entertainment and Culture

We’ve put together some fabulous World Pride Culture and Entertainment ideas to inspire and uplift this weekend!

Play our Pride anthems playlist

Hit play on our playlist of top 10 Pride anthems that are guaranteed to uplift and inspire. Celebrate Pride weekend and party at home!

Pride Arts & Crafts

Get crafty with these colourful creations – perfect for big kids and little kids who want to celebrate Pride

Pride Food & Drink

Try out these delicious and vibrant culinary creations at home. Yum! 

Pride: Give Something Back

If you are straight/cisgendered, you can still join the fight against LGBTQ discrimination (love is love!) Here are some suggestions of positive things to do.

Help fight LGBTQ discrimination - image of two young women hugging.

Help fight LGBTQ discrimination

Across the world, people in the LGBTQ community still experience discrimination and bullying. Here’s how you can help and support them.

more ways to celebrate pride

We’ve scoured the web for more interesting and fun Pride activities.

Learn how to give yourself a groovy rainbow lip effect.

Watch the Global Pride 2020 Live 24h event.

Join the LGBTI+ Elders Social Dance Clubs Online Party.

Watch these top 10 groundbreaking moments for LGBTQ characters on TV.

Discover the history of 50 years of Pride with Google Arts and Culture.

Check out Stonewall’s learning resources about self-acceptance and acceptance of others for children and young people.

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