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Watch Wallace & Gromit films – they’ll make you smile

watch wallace & gromit films - image of cartoon characters wallace & gromit on a yellow background

What’s the idea?

We could use a bit of cheering up right now – who better to help than Wallace & Gromit, the hilarious characters from Aardman Animations?!

What’s the story?

I have always loved the Wallace & Gromit films.

Aardman Animations is a UK animation company based in Bristol, where I used to live.

It just so happens that I worked for a year in an office above the Aardman Studios.

This was just as Aardman were starting out so before their brilliant animations became global phenomenons.

I was always delighted and intrigued to see huge life-size models appearing in the lobby.

There was so much gentle fun and energy in them, it’s not surprising that Aardman became a household name.

Of course everyone knows Wallace & Gromit now.

But did you know there are FIVE Wallace & Gromit films?

So I have decided to enjoy them all in a spirit-lifting weekend binge, to cheer me up a bit.

Best of all – they’re all on Netflix!

(Of course, if you want something more wizardy there’s always Harry Potter.)

People should do this because…?

If you need a bit of cheering up or just enjoy top-class animation, you can’t really do better than the Wallace & Gromit films;

Wallace & Gromit films aren’t just for Christmas – they are brilliant all year round;

If you subscribe to Netflix, they’re free to watch;

There’s five Wallace & Gromit films, so plenty to keep you entertained over a weekend (although some of them are quite short);

If you’ve got kids, they will love these films.

Wallace & Gromit Films

If you haven’t yet come across Wallace & Gromit, then I’ll explain who they are.

They are stop-animation characters modelled in clay, who have become British cultural icons.

Wallace is an amiable, cheese-loving inventor forever embarking on a crazy scheme

Gromit is his faithful, long-suffering dog, who never speaks yet always saves the day.

As I mentioned, you can watch all of the Wallace & Gromit films for free on Netflix.

Or you can buy or rent them for just a couple of pounds on Amazon Prime.

The five films in order of their release are:

A Grand Day Out (1989)

Disaster! Wallace and Gromit run out of cheese. So they head to the moon to find some.

The Wrong Trousers (1993)

A sinister penguin uses Wallace and Gromit’s robotic “Techno Trousers” to steal a diamond (of course he does!).

A Close Shave (1995)

Our heroes uncover a sheep-rustling plot by a sinister dog – and we meet Shaun the Sheep for the first time.

The Curse of The Were-Rabbit (2005)

Wallace and Gromit come to the rescue of a village plagued by rabbits before an annual vegetable competition.

A Matter of Loaf and Death (2008)

Someone is murdering bakers and Gromit tries to solve the case before Wallace ends up as one of the victims.

(I should say there is also Cracking Contraptions which is 10 short films about Wallace’s wonderful inventions.)

If you enjoy the films and want more Wallace & Gromit in your life, then head over to the brilliant

There’s all sorts of fun and interesting stuff on there for adults and kids.

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