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Watch our Summer Solstice Festival Highlights

Summer Solstice Festival highlights -people with their hands in the air at sunset.

Wow, what a week it’s been! We hope you've all enjoyed our Solstice-themed activities all week – we certainly have.

Yesterday was particularly special with our Summer Solstice Festival Day. We had a morning yoga session, a kid's party, a DJ set, cocktail making, comedy and some amazing singers and musicians.

Just in case you missed it, we’ve put together a collection of our festival highlights showing all the performers who kindly gave up their time to entertain us all.

We think they were all fantastic and want to thank them all for performing.


We started the day with some yoga from Chloe Warner:

Chloe took us through a series of yoga stretches to release and open up the body culminating with a sun salutation to welcome in the new day.

Instagram: glow_withchlo and chloe_warner

Mid-morning, Zoe Hart held an interactive children’s party and disco which kept the kids entertained.

Then from 3-5 pm, co-hosted by last night a dj saved my life, she entertained us with a DJ set, fundraising for

The kids had a fantastic time as Zoe and Loopy Lou got them on their feet and partying and playing games.

Your Sound Lady – The *Ting* – Zoe Hart spun some real summer festival vibes raising money for people in need around the world! You can donate at

Facebook @hartentertainmentuk and @yoursoundlady

Instagram @hartentertainmentuk @yoursoundlady

For corporate sound engineering, speaker appointments or DJing please visit:

Later on, we enjoyed a cocktail-making session with our resident mixologist Linus.

He showed us how to create a perfect summer cocktail -Summer Solst’ice’.

We loved this refreshing and tangy Summer Sols”tice” cocktail. For the recipe check out Saturday’s page.

This brought us nicely into the evening’s entertainment kicking off with Cecilia Delatori. 

She made us laugh and sing with her fantastic mix of comedy and music.


Technical issues meant Cecilia couldn’t join us live, so she shared with us her latest musical creations – ‘Lockdown Rockdown’ and her twist on an Elton John classic.

Then, post watershed, the multi-talented Wolfe Hogan wowed us with his singing and fiddle.

He showcased his truly unique style of music (some songs contain adult content)

Finally, Joel Bullen ended the evening by entertaining us with his version of some classic songs.

He blew us away with his impressive vocal talent and even took some requests!

A great finale to the day.


It’s not just Stonehenge where the Solstice celebrations happen. Take a look at these alternative celebrations and traditions from around the world.

Celebrate a traditional Swedish Midsummer

Ukrainians celebrate Ivana Kupala Day

Ancient Ysyakh Summer Solstice in Russia.

The Inca Festival Of The Sun, Inti Raymi (A Mini Documentary)


For those of you that couldn’t stay up late or get up early to watch the Summer Solstice sunrise here’s a few clips from across the world of beautiful sunrises.

First sunrise in the world (New Zealand)

Sunrise St. Augustine Beach, Florida

Timelapse Sunrise over Saudi Arabia view from Dahab Eygpt

Sunrise in Finland


The South Pole


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