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Watch an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical online

Andrew Lloyd Webber musical - Peter Pan and Captain Hook

What’s the Idea?

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is releasing one of his greatest hit musicals every Friday night on YouTube’s The Shows Must Go On! at 7pm.

What’s the story

If you’re missing going to the theatre during the Coronavirus lockdowns, now you can watch an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical online.

I came across this article in Time Out magazine and thought it was a great opportunity for people who enjoy musical theatre.

Or perhaps you haven’t seen an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical before – so this is your chance!

It’s also an opportunity for younger children to watch parts of a performance, who might not have the patience to sit through the whole thing.

A different Lloyd Webber musical is being streamed each week on The Shows Must Go On!

It’s a new YouTube channel devoted to this project.

Each show goes live on the channel on Friday at 7pm and usually remains viewable for 48 hours afterwards.

(If you love to watch a show, the National Theatre is also streaming live performances each week – find out more here.)

People should do this because…?

This is an opportunity to see Lloyd Webber’s greatest hits for the first time, or to watch one again that you really enjoy.

Each week a new musical will be unveiled and its free!

It hasn’t been made clear how long they will be streamed for free but each week we check which musical it will be so that we won’t miss one of our favourites.

In addition to full-length videos, the channel streams clips and behind-the-scenes footage.

While The Shows Must Go On is a free service, Lloyd Webber encourages anyone who is able to donate to a charity that provides support to theatre workers during this difficult time.

Some suggestions are: Acting For Others, Broadway Cares and the Actors Benevolent Fund.

How do you do it?

  • On your computer, tablet or TV go to YouTube’s channel The Shows Must Go On!
  • If you go to this site before 7pm on the Friday, there is an option to set a reminder of when the streaming starts
  • You also have the option to ‘Subscribe’ to this channel

Stuff you may need

  • Laptop, Computer, TV
  • Wifi
  • A comfy place to sit

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