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Virtual Reality by Akshaya Padmakrishnan, age 12, India

drawing of a blue head floating against a blue background, wearing virtual reality glasses.

It’s the year 3000, when humans had forgotten all about the world, their surroundings, their family and even themselves and absorb themselves in the virtual world of a game called ‘Virtual Life’ invented by Mr. Thomas of the PAR industry.

Everyone said that he is the most kindest man in the world or was he??

There was a teenage boy named Mathew. He was an orphan but soon was adopted by his foster parents.

He was told that his biological parents died in a car crash. His foster dad hated him.

The game ‘Virtual Life’ often made Mathew curious about why it was so addictive.

He played the game with his friend. It was an action game.

NCT 0046 was his character’s name.

The people playing opposed to them were actually people working in the PAR Industry.

Coming to Mr. Thomas, he was corrupt and often did all that he could to take other people’ money.

Mathew defeated all the soldiers of the 101 army – that is, of PAR industry.

This surprised Mr. Thomas.

He was a very cunning man so he tried all different ways to make him lose but unfortunately failed.

Meanwhile Mathew had made a new friend called Petunia, who plays the game.

He learnt from her that there are three main levels.

At the end of each level you will be given a key which is one of the three keys which opens the door to the orb of saffron, which contains the power to defeat all the 101 soldiers.

So he tried his best and succeeded in getting two keys.

This angered Mr. Thomas.

Meanwhile Mathew asked Petunia and all others to help him get the third key by fighting with the 101 soldiers.

It was a fierce battle. Mathew ‘s team was falling behind. One 101 soldier came and saved Mathew from getting shot and helped them win the battle.

Mathew wondered who it could be, when the soldier took off his helmet – it was Petunia’s character n076!

Petunia had snuck into the headquarters of PAK industries and disguised herself as a 101 soldier.

She overheard all of Mr. Thomas’s plans to destroy them.

Turns out that he took the orb of saffron and kept it in a place guarded by professional 101 soldiers.

She and Mathew snuck into the place where the orb of saffron was.

Oh no!

Turns out it was a trap.

Mr. Thomas knew that Petunia had come into the PAK industry all along.

Petunia came up with an idea.

She told Mathew to sneak out while she distracts them.

The 101 Soldiers shot her. She came back to her real life and she went quickly to the van in which Mathew was playing.

And found that Mathew had found the last key.

He succeeded in unlocking the door to the orb of saffron by putting the three keys in and opened the door to find himself in a house.

He found a middle-aged man who called him closer.

Mathew asked him who he was. The man smiled and said “Your father my dear son.”

Mathew was shocked.

Turns out that his biological father was him and he was actually the one who found this game.

Mr. Thomas who used to be his best friend stole his idea and claimed that it was his.

He couldn’t handle the frustration and often screamed at his wife who was his mother.

His wife fell into a depression and later died.

He asked Thomas to put him as the one who gives the orb to the winner.

He also told him he couldn’t forgive himself for what he has done and chose to hide forever.

He told to his son that “Family is the one who will stay with you forever, do not leave them alone.”

He gave the orb of saffron to Mathew and vanished.

Mathew completed the game but also uncovered a shocking truth.

He opened his eyes to find Mr. Thomas.

Soon the police had come and arrested Mr. Thomas.

Mathew spoke to everyone to change and take a look around them.

PAK industry was shut down forever and people started coming back to real life.

Mathew’s foster dad also changed and Mathew always remembered his father’s advice.

“Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one”.

Name: Akshaya Padmakrishnan
Age: 12
Country: India

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