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Two Unicorns Who Got Lost by Aoibhe Crean, age 6, Ireland

Once upon a time there were two unicorns that got lost. They were called Sarah and Alicia.

They were scared. Then they saw a rainbow so they knew that they were safe and they stopped panicking.

They were stuck on an island and they had to drink salty water.

They were sent there with a tracker but the tracker broke. So the people did not know where the unicorns were.

Sarah the unicorn got hurt and Alicia knew that Sarah was hurt. So Alicia went over to a tree and picked a leaf off of it.

The leaf was magical and the leaf healed Sarah.

One day, they saw a boat and two people on the boat saw them and rescued them.

So finally, they got home and safe and their owners loved to see Sarah and Alicia again

And they lived happily ever after.

The end.

Name: Aoibhe Crean
Age: 6
Country: Ireland

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