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Try this colourful science experiment for kids

science experiment for kids - image of skittles packet

What’s the Idea?

This science experiment for kids using Skittles is fun, easy, and educational too.

What’s the story?

This creative science experiment for kids focuses on the interaction between water and the coating on most coloured sweets or candies.

The food colouring and sugar coating on Skittles dissolve in water to produce a colourful rainbow solution.

When the water hits the colourful Skittles your kids will be delighted by what happens,

Because the colours swirl together and make beautiful rainbow patterns,

And it happens very quickly which is really exciting.

People should do this because…?

It’s a quick, fun and easy science experiment for your kids to try,

And you get to create some serious “Wow” moments using just Skittles and water.

This science experiment for kids makes the learning of basic colour and science principles easy.

Plus it can be used to teach stratification which is the science behind the colours not mixing.

Older kids can also be taught concentration gradient, which is the science behind the movement of the colours through the water,

And allows younger kids to learn about colours and science.

Your kids can be creative by coming up with different layouts for the coloured Skittles.

There are variations to this experiment, by using different liquids and coloured sweets.

It is a perfect, fun-filled, educational activity for kids.

Plus it is budget-friendly and suitable for all ages.

It’s the perfect activity for young kids with minimal patience,

And kids get to have fun eating the leftovers.

How do you do it?

The supplies for this science experiment for kids include:

  • Skittles (lots of them) – You can also use M&M’s
  • Good-sized white plate
  • Warm water


  1. Arrange your Skittles in a circular pattern around the edges of the plate. Try to alternate the colours within the layout.
  2. Once the circle is complete, gently add your warm water in the middle until it covers the Skittles on all sides.
  3. Wait for a few seconds to see how the colours begin to emerge from the Skittles through the water.

Variation A:

  1. Arrange the yellow coloured Skittles in a circular pattern around the edges of the plate.
  2. Give the pattern a smiley face by using blue coloured Skittles as the eyes and red coloured Skittles as the mouth.
  3. Add your warm water in the middle until it reaches the edges of the plate.
  4. Wait for a few seconds to see the coloured pattern produced by the smiley face layout.
  5. You can repeat the process while allowing the kids to vary the Skittles layout and colour pattern.

Variation B:

  1. Get two clear plastic cups and label each cup.
  2. Add a solution of milk to one cup and cold water to the other cup.
  3. Drop a blue Skittle in each cup and observe how long it takes for the Skittle to dissolve in each cup.
  4. You can repeat the process with other liquids you have around you. Ensure the liquids used are safe for kids.
  5. You can also carry out any of this experiment with M&M’s, Smarties or any other coloured sweet.

Stuff you may need

This science experiment for kids requires the following materials:

  • A good-sized white plate
  • Two clear plastic cups
  • Skittles or any other coloured sweet.
  • Warm water

If your kids enjoyed this science experiment then they could also try making their own erupting volcano.

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