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Try these top 5 squirrel deterrents for your garden

squirrel deterrents - grey squirrel.

What’s the idea?

Want to protect your bird feeders or flower beds from squirrels? Try these 5 squirrel deterrents to keep the critters away from your garden.

What’s the story?

My mother’s got a squirrel problem, which includes theft from her bird feeders and holes all over the lawn where they bury their stash.

They may look cute as they dash around your garden from tree to tree but with all the damage they cause, they suddenly lose their appeal.

So to help my mother out, I’ve found several squirrel deterrents that may help to discourage squirrels from her garden, and maybe yours too?

People should do this because…?

Have you found your carefully planted containers knocked over, with the plants and flowers lying uprooted next to the pots?

Perhaps your prized bulbs didn’t appear this year, including the tulips and crocuses that you planted last autumn?

Squirrels are gobbling up your birdseed and nuts or feasting on berries, fruit and garden seedlings and you’re frustrated.

Keeping them out of your garden will be challenging but a mix of these tips may help.

How do you do it?

In many areas grey squirrels are common, so while you can try and keep them out of your garden it is best to outsmart them.

Remove what attracts them.

You should limit food supplies by keeping the garden clean and removing dropped fruit and vegetables from the ground.

Remove any discarded foodstuffs such as leftover pet food.

Make sure you clear up any fallen acorns and other nuts and seeds and, if possible, relocate them to a place where squirrels are welcome.


Buy squirrel-proof bird feeders from your local garden centre, although many of these may discourage the birds as well!

Cover bushes with fruit or berries with netting and protect ground crops in your veg patch with row covers or chicken wire.


You could get a dog as they love to chase squirrels and they’ll soon scare them away.

Because they are squirrels’ natural predators, try attracting raptors such as owls and hawks into your gardens by installing an owl nest or raptor perch.

Squirrels hate things that are hot and spicy, so another option is to liberally spread chilli flakes or garlic pepper around.

Also, try mulching heavily around your plants as this will deter squirrels from digging up flowers and bulbs.


Give a motion-activated sprinkler a go and startle the squirrels with a sudden spray of water!


Discourage squirrels by inter-planting or surrounding with varieties they hate such as mint, mustard, and nasturtiums and also try planting bulbs such as daffodils, alliums, and snowdrops.

Lastly, you could try removing them by trapping, so long as this is done humanely. As with many methods, this may only give you a short respite.

There are certainly no easy solutions and if you have other ideas please let me know.

Stuff you may need

• Squirrel-proof birdfeeders

• Squirrel-deterring plants and bulbs

• Mulch

Garden water sprinkler

• Netting or chicken wire

• Chilli flakes

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