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Try planting for kids

Try planting for kids - image of a child in boots

What’s the idea?

Try planting for kids to broaden their learning whilst getting involved with nature and get them away from their tablets and into the garden.

What’s the story?

It’s a sad fact that a huge number of kids are growing up not knowing where their vegetables come from.

Growing plants has been a lifetime passion and I probably wouldn’t have been interested without my inspirational parents.

I have always loved the outdoors, planting out seeds, watching the plants grow and seeing them turn into beautiful flowers or food!

Now summer is here, head out and let your kids develop a passion with these planting for kids ideas.

People should do this because…?

There’s nothing like digging around in the soil, planting seeds and seeing what shoots up.

Get your kids fit and healthy by being outdoors learning new things

It’ll give them a respect for life and give them new creative skills.

They’ll learn where food comes from and understand connectedness with nature.

In addition, they’ll become more confident, especially about the things that they eat.

So here are some inspirational garden ideas for the kids that are relatively easy to do and your whole family can enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Growing crops in accordance with moon phases can enhance their quality, learn this here.

How do you do it?


Who doesn’t want to see their smiley faces in the garden and the birds, bees, and insects love them too?

Just put the seed directly into the soil from May onwards.

Space seeds 6 inches apart in a trench 2 inch deep and cover with soil.

Water them and they’ll sprout in 7 to 10 days.

When the leaves appear, thin the plants out and replant, 2 feet apart.

Its takes them 80 to 120 days to mature and develop seeds and some will grow to 30ft!

Remember as they grow, support them with a stick or cane and loosely tie with string.


The kids will notice that the tomatoes they eat from the supermarket just don’t taste the same as the ones they’ve grown themselves.

Now is the time to buy seedlings from the garden centre, but don’t plant them out until we’ve had the last frost.

Position them 2ft apart in a sunny spot and make sure the soil is moist.

For kids, I would pick a bush variety as cordons require staking and pruning to get a good crop.

Water and feed them with organic liquid tomato fertilizer and they’ll be harvesting them in July.

(Learn all about the history of the tomato here.)


Pretty and colourful, nasturtiums are edible too.

The good thing is that they’re not fussy and will do well in poor soil.

Once the soil has been raked, make a drill 20 cm deep and sprinkle the seeds in and cover.

Thin them out to 6 inches apart once they’re large enough to handle and water them regularly.

Not only will they look great but both the flowers and leaves can be eaten raw and taste hot and peppery.


These are easy to grow and two plants will provide ample courgettes for most families.

I made the mistake of growing 27 plants once and I was giving them away to everybody!

Plant one seed about ½ inch deep in a 7cm pot of fine compost and water.

After four weeks, plant out in their permanent position at least 1M away from the other plant.

Harvest them once a week when they’re about 10 cm long to keep the plant producing new flowers.

Not all kids like courgettes, so try grating them into a tomato sauce or make them into a soup.

If you’re looking for other easy garden ideas for the kids then try growing radishes, peas or lettuce.

Stuff you may need

  • Seeds/plants
  • Trowel
  • Pots
  • Garden rake
  • Compost
  • Watering can

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