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Try Pirates of the Caribbean activities at home

pirates of the carribean activities at home - drawing of priates and a pirate ship popping up from a book

What’s the Idea?

Learn about Pirates of the Caribbean with these fun and educational activities . Perfect for home schooling!

What’s the story

Pirates of the Caribbean themed activities are very popular with kids

So a teacher friend created a list of activities based on Pirates of the Caribbean

Because kids are much more likely to want to take part if it’s fun

Making this a great way for kids to learn new skills

Without realising that they are

All these Pirate related activities are suitable for Key stage 1 & 2.

And even Lower KS3 might enjoy some of them too.

We don’t recommend you let your children research pirates on their own.

Because piracy still exists

So there are some not very nice sites – please be careful!

People should do this because…?

Pirates of the Caribbean activities will keep kids engaged for hours.

They’re fun and easy to do

Best of all, these pirate activities have learning elements to them.

These include:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Language skills
  • Coordination activities
  • Drama
  • Position and movement
  • Map skills
  • Art
  • Design Technology

Shh! Don’t tell the children they probably won’t notice they’re learning

So you can use these as part of your home schooling

Happy pirating!!!!

How do you do it?

Below is a list of activities to try:

Pirate myths that might be true

Watch the following video

Design your own pirate flag.

They reflected pirates’ personality.

How will yours show your pirate personality?

What will your pirate name be?

Make your own Pirates of the Caribbean outfit

You can do this ready for the play or treasure hunt or a battle.

Make a pirate hat and eyepatch.

You could make a cutlass out of cardboard and decorate them all.

Make your own Pirates of the Caribbean play and add a sea shanty

Write a short play based on your pirate ideas

Then add a sea shanty

This is a type of song sung by sailors and pirates

Marooned on an island

How would you escape? Be creative.

Do a bit of drama and act it out.

Compensation for pirates

Read this article about pirate compensation

Make your own compensation for pirates’ agreement

What jewel would you get for loss of finger?

How much gold for loss of an eye?

Which parts of your body would be easier/harder to do without?

Why? How much is each item worth in pounds?

Then have a battle.

Decide what limbs have been lost.

How much compensation is each pirate owed?

Can you add it up?

Bonus point for super joined up handwriting.

Draw a treasure map 

Base your Pirates treasure map on the layout of your house/room/garden.

For example, pretend your table is a palm tree etc.

Why not hide some treasure?

And make up instructions for someone to follow the map to find treasure.

How many paces north/ south etc?

Mind the quicksand!!

Make your own pirate code.

Even Pirates of  the Caribbean had some rules.

How do you expect your pirates to behave?

Use a damp teabag to age the paper. Make a few of these. Let them dry.

Curl up the edges to age the paper.

Write out your ideas for compensation.

Now you have the first part of your pirate code.

Make your own pirate knots

Pirate ships had lots of ropes on them

So Pirates needed to know how to tie different knots

Why not make your own knots

Glue them onto paper and make your own pirate knot display.

Label underneath with names.

You can draw your own frame around it.

Draw your own Pirates of the Caribbean ship

Watch this video first 

Label the parts after

Did he get the names of the parts correct?

What will your ship be called?

Write a diary of your days as a pirate

How did you feel?

How did the day turn out?

Will you be continuing your life as an outlaw?

Talk like a pirate

Watch this video

Pirates used to talk differently to how we speak today

You can write down these words for your play/ diary etc

Or make up some of your own words and create a dictionary.

Talk like a pirate- can your parents understand you?

Build your own pirate ship in the garden/ bedroom

Check with adults first about what you can use

And where you can build it.

The you can fly your flag at the top.

Watch a suitable version of treasure island

Here’s one to start with

Stuff you may need

  • Pencil, pen and paper
  • Coloured pens or crayons
  • Tea bags
  • PC or phone and wifi to watch videos
  • Cardboard
  • Pieces of string
  • Glue

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