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Treat your dog to a Chuckit ball

chuckit ball - black dog with an orange chuckit ball

What’s the Idea?

If you have a large dog who loves to chew, then treat them to a Chuckit ball, virtually indestructible rubber balls!

What’s the story

Our Black Labrador Layla is 3 years old and has been a fan of chewing since she was a small puppy.

She used to chomp merrily on sticks which we threw for her, and didn’t seem that bothered with balls.

Then the vet told us that it’s actually really dangerous to throw sticks for dogs. This is because they can bounce and really damage their mouths.

So we moved over to tennis balls which Layla happily destroyed within 5 minutes of getting her teeth around them!

I was a bit in despair to be honest.

Then I heard about Chuckit balls, which were supposed to be pretty much indestructible.

Hmm, let’s see (I thought).

But you know what, they were!

And Layla absolutely loves them because she can have a good old chew without being told off (!)

Now I recommend them to every dog owner I meet who has a larger dog.

It always surprises me that more dog owners don’t know about them because they really are fantastic.

People should do this because…?

You should treat your dog to a Chuckit ball because:

You’re fed up of buying ten balls a week for your chompy, furry friend.

Your dog will absolutely love them.

You won’t have to replace them for ages – literally years (I think).
(We have lost way more than Layla has destroyed.)

She has one at the moment which she’s managed to get into but it still works just fine, just hisses a bit when she chews.

Seriously, don’t be put off by what seems like a relatively high cost, you will literally buy 1 or 2 packs a year per dog.

How do you do it?

There are different types of Chuckit ball.

We just go for the bog-standard ‘ultra ball’ as this seems to be what Layla prefers – see below.

You get 2 in a pack which is great, as she won’t give one back when she’s got it.

We always take 2 Chuckit balls on our walks as she will only drop the one in her mouth if you give her another one to chase.

They are also fantastic for throwing into water, because they float and are really visible, because of the bright orange colour. (We call it ‘swimmy-swim-swims’ and it’s Layla’s absolute favourite thing to do.)

I can also recommend the Chuckit ‘launcher’ (we call it a thrower).

It just looks like a normal thrower, but it seems to send the ball for miles further than our other ones. So obviously that’s great for wearing the pupster out.

We have tried her with the squeaky version – see below. But she wasn’t that bothered with it.

I think because they’re slightly less chewy, and for her, the chew is everything.

So I guess it depends on whether or not your dog enjoys the chewing or the squeaking more!

They do loads of other products, including for smaller dogs.

But these are the ones we have tried.

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