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The Unicorn Battle by Cadence Loder, age 7, Canada – HIGHLY COMMENDED


Once in a land far, far away there was a unicorn world.

It was spring. It was so cool. There was magic all around.

The unicorns all had different powers, like flying, wind, water and earth. They also had 4 lives.

Wind unicorns can control the weather. Water unicorns can control the ocean water and waves.

Unicorns are some of the strongest animals on earth. But there was a problem! There were dragons attacking their land.

The dragons were stronger than ever because they went to a wizard.

The wizard helped. He gave them a potion. It made them stronger than ever and now they have 4 lives too.

But the dragons didn’t know that the unicorns knew that if you attack the fire, it would take a life away.

The dragons started by attacking the unicorns’ mansion.

Then it got more intense because the unicorns started fighting back by attacking the dragons’ kingdom.

Then they started attacking each other.

The unicorns used the weather to make a storm above the dragons because that’s their greatest weakness. The dragons have fire and storms have water, so the water took out the fire.

The dragons lost a life. Then they only had 3 lives.

The dragons attacked back using fire against earth.

They knew that fire can break down things, but they didn’t know that the earth unicorns could move things with their minds.

So the earth unicorns moved the mansion with their minds before the dragons could burn it down.

The dragons thought that the unicorns would use the same trick as last time, but they didn’t.

They used the waves because there was a lake nearby. The waves were so strong and fast that without a doubt, they put the fire out. The dragons lost another life.

At the exact same time as the waves, the flying unicorns used buckets and scooped up sand and dirt.

The dragons attacked a third time.

Then on a signal, the unicorns flew to the fire and added magic to the buckets so they could float. Then their hands would be free.

They used their wings and blasted the sand out of the buckets to cover the fire. Now the dragons felt weak because they only had 1 life.

The dragons left and the unicorns won the battle and they lived happily ever after.

Name: Cadence Loder
Age: 7
Country: Canada

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