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The Unexpected Guest by Hana Rashid, age 12, UK

Once upon a time, in an ordinary town on an ordinary street in an ordinary house lived an ordinary boy.

He was walking down the ordinary street through the park when he saw a tree.

Now this was no ordinary tree, in fact there was something extraordinary about it.

It was home to a pigeon but not any old ordinary pigeon,this was an extraordinary SPY pigeon!

He started to climb the tree when the pigeon blasted him with neon orange, bird poop!

All of a sudden he was out of his ordinary school uniform and was in an extraordinary suit.

The pigeon started to speak!!“Hello you must be Agent Timothy” remarked the pigeon.

Confused and amazed by the pigeon, the ordinary boy replied:

“No I am the ordinary boy. Who are you?”

“I am Adam, Adam the pigeon AKA the spy in disguise.So you’re not Timothy?

“Oh well you’ll do, hop onto my back Timmy my dear friend.”

Timothy had never experienced anything like it.

How could he ever tell anyone about it, no-one would ever believe him!

They were whizzing through time!

“Timmy, we are in the future, this is where most villains come to hide from P.I.E.D (Pigeons In Extraordinary Disguise).

“This is where P.I.E.D. got the equipment that allowed me to talk.

This week there has been one villain whose evil doings around the world have increased.

“That villain is The Unexpected (AKA Transforming Taloola) who can shift shape.

“No-one knows where she got her extraordinary powers from. Only a few people have been unlucky enough to witness her in her true form!

“I have heard stories but we don’t know what she looks like because those who have seen her have never lived to tell the tale.

“She is one of the BEST ever villains !”

“Come, let’s go to my EVIL base!!” whispered Adam the Pigeon menacingly…

“What did you say Adam?”

“Let’s go to my extraordinary base!”

When they arrived, Timmy heard a whispered voice:

“You brought him?”

Where did it come from? There was no-one there…

“Hello Adam,” the voice breathed “You must be Timothy.”

“Timmy, this is Taloola, known to you as The Unexpected!” Adam said maliciously.

Adam, A villain? Timmy thought. No he can’t be, I trusted him!

He wouldn’t betray me like that….Would he?

No-one knows what The Unexpected looks like so anyone could pretend to be her.


I’ll just play along.

“Timmy, come meet Taloola.”Timmy walked over to Adam knees shaking.

What if it was actually The Unexpected? What if Adam was an evil villain?

“Hello Timothy, My name is Taloola,” Her voice was whispered.

“Follow me. You are staying here now. And be quiet, we don’t want to wake my Thronkpiddle.”

“Thronkpiddle? What’s that!?” Timmy said with confusion.

“That, Timmy dear, is a mix between a unicorn and a tiger!” Taloola replied with a smug smile

“There are only 3 of them in the WORLD!!”

“WOW, I have heard of them. Can I see her when she’s awake??”

Timmy went into his room, he dived headfirst onto his bed. It felt as if he was sinking into the blanket and plump pillows.

Suddenly the bed gave way.

He was falling through mid-air!

“AHHHHHHHH! HELP, I’M FALLING!” Timmy screamed.

He had landed on something orange and glittery striped.

“Timmy, funny finding you here.” Taloola smirked as she jumped out of the mouth of the Thronkpiddle.

Timmy jumped off and strutted towards Taloola with his fists up.

“You’re no match for me; you are just a weak boy!” Taloola taunted.

Timmy hated being called weak so he tried to think of all the things that made him angry, so he could use as much anger as he possibly could.

Taloola transformed and pushed him into the mouth of the Thronkpiddle which was a room.

Timmy banged on the door with his fists as hard as he could to get Adam’s attention until he realised that Adam was on Taloola’s side.

Timmy was in awe at all of the technology.

Then he saw a blue suit with diagrams on it

He put it on.

“Hmm what should I be?” Timmy thought. “I’m a Fly,” Timmy whispered.

Suddenly Timmy was flying around the room!

“Psst Timmy, over here.”

“Adam!!! I’m a fly.” Timmy replied with a huge smile on his face.

“Timmy I am breaking you out, I was being forced to work for Taloola. Follow me and take the suit with you,” Adam exclaimed.

“Let’s go,” Timmy and Adam flew off in the distance never to be bothered by Transforming Taloola again.

Name: Hana Rashid
Age: 12
Country: United Kingdom

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