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The Tiger Went To Space by Haris Rashid, age 8, UK

One sunny day in the morning in Coventry Street, America there was a tiger that was magic.

It had wings, it was soft furry and fluffy and it had orange wings with stripes on and the same pattern fur.

The tiger saw his friends while he was walking down the street.

Haris was playing with his friends Jake and Nishan.

They asked their pet tiger. “Why don’t you fly to space, you are a magic tiger. You have wings and you can talk every language, even alien.”

Later at night, the tiger looked for the moon and started to fly there.

When he was on the moon he saw an alien that was very dark green.

It had these little squares on it and triangles. It was as green as a pine tree.

It had a pink eye and was too ugly to talk to.

He found a spaceman and he was surprised there was a tiger on the moon that could talk as well.

He asked “How did you get here?”

“I flew here” the tiger said.

Then the tiger had made another friend on the MOON!!!

His friends Jake, Haris and Nishan got so worried they tried to go into space.

They found Elon Musk and he sent a Tesla rocket for them.

They got to the moon and found the tiger!

Name: Haris Rashid
Age: 8
Country: United Kingdom

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