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The Tiger and The Traveller by Ayesha Mohanty, age 10, India

drawing of tiger roaring, on a blue background

Once an aged tiger lived in the Deccan forests.

He had become very weak and lost most of his teeth and claws.

“l have been the ruler of these forests and have been feared by those around me. I cannot hunt now, so I must find a way to live”, said the tiger.

After some time he started walking here and there.

On the way he found a lump of sand.

He dug the sand, and to his delight found some gold coins.

Suddenly, he had an idea.

He took those gold coins and went near the walking track, where travellers passed by.

The tiger pulled out some holy Kusha grass from the ground and posed with those in his hands.

As a traveller passed by, the tiger called out to him “I have killed innumerable animals and humans.

I have lost my wife and children as punishment for this.

A sage saw me repenting and advised me to give alms to the needy.

Following his words, I offer these gold coins to you. You need not fear me as I have no claws or teeth.”

Between the trees and the walking track there was a pond.

The traveller decided to take the risk and waded through the pond.

Just when he was about to reach the other side of the pond, he got stuck in the marsh.

He struggled hard to move out.

“Oh! My dear friend, you seem to be stuck. Let me come to your rescue”, said the tiger and jumped into the swamp.

However, this offer of help was only a sham.

The traveller had walked to his death.

The tiger wasted no time in devouring his prey with his few remaining claws and ate to his fill.

In greed is sin, in sin is death.

Name: Ayesha Mohanty
Age: 10
Country: India

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