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The Thing, by Jacob Fawcett age 11, UK

Drawing of a monster with claws and tentacles on a blue background

A school of fish zoomed past knocking their camera slightly but the annoyance they created was no match to how marvellous they looked.

There were big fish and little ones too.

Some of them had scales the colour of rainbows whereas others were as dark as night.

The divers didn’t stop and wonder though, as they had a mission to complete.

They saw a pod of dolphins just swimming out of sight, a box jellyfish bobbing around, and a stingray camouflaging in the sand looking like it was trying to find someone to kill!

On their way down to the so-called ‘death arena’ they would see many strange and majestic animals of the deep and many extremely deadly animals too.

But this wasn’t surprising, after all the whole world knows them as the extremists, doing deadly missions to find new vitreous animals where they could easily die each time they go on a new mission.

It was getting deeper now, and the only lights were the submarine lights flashing of their back up crew.

They were now entering the Hadel zone where everything was now shaded in the darkness to a deadly grey colour.

Soon the divers reached the trench. Tommy (the so-called bravest person in the world) and his teammate Sally were ready to find “The Thing” and kill it before it got too dangerous.

They checked their oxygen masks and complete with black wetsuit and black flippers they began their mission.

Tommy and Sally swam steadily down the crack in the earth’s surface.

Daylight was nowhere to be seen and there was no noise around them except their own breathing.

They passed gulper eels, vampire squids, black swallowers and even a sea pig but these were nothing compared to the thing that they were there to kill.

There had been no clear sightings of it before and they didn’t want to mess around.

Their mission was to catch it and kill it before it got out of hand.

They made their way down the tunnel then stopped when they saw something near the edge of a cave, munching on anything it saw.

It was covered in sludge and the sea was no longer dark, it was crimson red.

All the plants were dead and any sea creatures that dared go near soon disappeared.

Immediately they received a signal from the submarine telling them to prepare the tranquilliser gun as the “The Thing” was moving – and it was moving towards them!

They’d barely had time to react when a tentacle shot out to grab Sally, then another and another until all sixteen were out of the cave zooming all around and squirting some sort of goo.

The tentacles were a dark grey blue, perfect for camouflage and the suckers were like hoovers, sucking on her from every angle.

Suddenly and without warning, out came the whole thing with teeth as big as saws and eyes like hula hoops.

There were eight eyes and in everyone you could see anger and a feeling of pure evil.

This monster was bigger than a blue whale, it was bigger than five blue whales, and if it didn’t die tonight it would take over the ocean.

“Are you OK?” shouted Dave down the walkie talkie but there was no answer, the walkie talkies had long since been knocked out of their hands.

Every minute that went by a new tentacle grew and then just as Tommy was about to shoot his gun a tentacle whipped Sally.

Off came her goggles and mask and she was losing air fast; they now couldn’t get back to the submarine in time.

This was a losing battle- it was clear that “the thing” couldn’t be stopped.

Sally fainted and fell to the bottom of the ocean floor where a cloud of dust formed when she landed.

“The Thing” wasted no time in covering Sally head to toe with sticky goo whilst Tommy was still fighting it on his own, as he no longer had access to the rest of the team on the submarine and this thing was more powerful than they had thought.

When it was finished with Sally it came back to deal with Tommy.

The tentacles shot out, one after another, wrapping themselves around Tommy and squeezing him tighter and tighter.

Suddenly everything around him turned blurry and shortly after that he took his last breath.

Name: Jacob Fawcett
Age: 11
Country: United Kingdom

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