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The Super Epic World of Cohen Ross (And His Friends) by Cohen Carter Ross, age 10, UK

Hi, my name is Cohen Ross, and I’m just a regular kid.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

I have super sweet ninja skills and a whole lot of cool friends, but my best friend has got to be Jacob Brown.

He’s really good at history and not long ago he had a LEGENDARY sleepover, and now I bet you want to hear all about it.

Well you’ll just have to wait, because this story is about ME, remember?

But, come to think of it, I don’t actually know what else to write about, sooooo, scrap what I said before about waiting, let’s get straight into it…

Jacob had been talking about this sleepover since before last Christmas, but when he talked about it, it was an understatement compared to what happened.

It may not seem too exciting written down, but like I said before, it was LEGENDARY.

Jacob was moving into a nice house in Coundon, and he was pretty excited.

He invited all of our friends and everyone was thrilled, but none as much as me, because this was my first real sleepover.

I mean, I had been to Jacob’s old house for little sleepovers, when it was just him and me, but this was the real deal.

The only thing I was worried about would be that, in a room full of boys, the stench of farts may reach toxic level.

Thankfully, I’m pretty sure no one farted.

But let’s continue the story.

I arrived at Jacob’s house on the afternoon, and was greeted by Jacob’s mam who showed me inside, where Jacob was wrestling Jack and Bobby.

They seemed happy to see me and I joined in as well.

After a while the others showed up.

Everyone was there: Jacob, Jack, Other Jack, Louie, Oscar, Bobby and me.

Everyone went onto their phones right away, but I had forgotten mine, so Jacob’s mam let me call my mam for her to bring it over.

Mam said she would in a while, as she had just got home.

But eventually, my friends came off their phones and, since it was getting dark, we played this crazy game inside where we grabbed Jacob’s model weapons and hid from Louie, who chased us with a baseball bat.

I bet you’re thinking, “This doesn’t sound like a safe game for nine-year-olds!” but Louie didn’t actually hit us, although that didn’t stop it from being absolutely terrifying.

We eventually got bored and Jacob’s mam came down at around 10:00 to say the neighbours were complaining about the noise, which put a stop to THAT game.

But thankfully, around this time, Mam came with my phone.

Instead of playing on it straight away and wasting the battery, we went upstairs and wrestled in Jacob’s bedroom. Even though THIS was probably way louder.

At around 10:30, we ran back downstairs, where we built a fort out of blankets and played Minecraft.

I realised we were being too loud again, so me and Jacob were shushing everyone, who were on Roblox, but then I decided to play too, and Jacob enjoyed building castles on Minecraft with Jack.

We did this until around 12:00, when most of our phones died.

Oscar was trying to sleep, so to annoy him, me and Louie put our sleeping bags on our head and ran into each other.

It annoyed Oscar but everyone else thought it was HILARIOUS.

At around 01:00, Other Jack, Jacob and Oscar were getting drowsy, but we wouldn’t let them sleep, as we had all took a dare to stay up all night.

So we played a game of hide and seek, but then Jacob’s mam came down again and told us it was time to go to sleep.

I mean, it was already about 03:00 or 04:00 so we agreed and got into our sleeping bags, but me and Louie were hyper, so we attacked Bobby, who joined in, and attacked Oscar but he was tired and slept on.

We eventually fell asleep and woke up around 07:30, and it turned out Jack was awake all the time, he was on his phone with his headphones in.

When my mam came to collect me I explained EVERYTHING to her.

The battles, the fun the games, it truly was LEGENDARY.

But now this story is gonna be only about ME, no one else, oh no wait, I’m out of words, but I had more stor-

Name: Cohen Carter Ross
Age: 10
Country: United Kingdom

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