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The Lonely Moon by Amira Heran, age 10, Canada – 3RD PLACE

illustration of owl perched on a branch with the moon behind it


This story began when, every night, the Moon was awake.

The Moon was lonely.

His only friend was Olive the owl, but she couldn’t get as high as the Moon.

Olive was sad for her friend, so she went on a journey.

She past the Gitxsan people, the waterfall, and went above the clouds.

When she saw the sun rising, she noticed little sparks falling down. She grabbed as many as she could under her wings.

She had an idea!

The next night, she called the animals and told them about the Moon being lonely.

Olive started throwing the sparks down as the animals gathered around under the Moon.

The Moon loved looking down at all of the animals and the animals realized how pretty the Moon was.

One by one, all of the animals kicked a few sparks up and the sparks became the shape of the animal.

As more and more sparks flew up in the sky, the sky was filled with sparks.

That is how the stars came about.

The Moon was happy to have friends up in the sky and was no longer lonely.

Name: Amira Heran
Age: 10
Country: Canada

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