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The Little Duckie by Ella Cole, age 5, Canada

Once upon a time there was a duckie.

And he was looking for his mamma but he didn’t find her.

And then a frog came along.

The little duckie told the frog that he was in the spooky forest. And then a baby elephant came along.

And then the baby duck told the elephant he was in the spooky forest too.

Then the elephant and the frog asked the little baby duck to play in the spooky forest. They had just come out for a walk.

So the elephant and the frog told the little baby duck that they saw a castle and they could go on top of the castle and see the little baby ducks house.

So then they went on top of the castle and there was nobody there.

Then they saw the Princess and they asked the Princess if they could go on top of the castle and see the baby duck’s home. And then a little bunny came along.

And they all went together up the castle. And when they were all together they saw the little duck’s home.

And the little duck said bye bye to his friends and went to go into the dark forest. But the friends said no. He would get lost.

So the friends took the little duck home so he wouldn’t get lost.

The End

Name: Ella Cole
Age: 5
Country: Canada

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