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The Land Of Fairy Tales by Faye Angear, age 7, UK

Once upon a time there lived a girl called Lucy, who was eight years old and lived in Florence with her mum and dad.

Lucy had a secret, her favourite book was a fairy tale book, a magic book.

Now everyone thinks that Lucy is just an ordinary girl, except her best friend Bella.

When Lucy feels her body tingling, that’s the call!

She has to make an excuse to go somewhere that no one can see her. Then, she just disappears and goes to a distant land.

In a blink of an eye she is standing as a princess in the grounds of fairy tale land and in front of her are trolls, trying to grab her tiara from her head.

Lucy looked around and could see the other trolls pulling at a unicorn’s horns.

On the other side mermaids were being pulled out of the enchanted river and fairies were being chased out of their dusty, sparkling trees.

Lucy chased after the trolls but it was too late, they were already taking them to their swamp in wagons.

Lucy knew a palace where several princesses lived, she ran there and told them to help her rescue the magical creatures.

“Of course” they replied.

Lucy said “Great, we better get packing then, we are going on a field trip!”

Lucy and the 3 princesses jumped in the unicorn carriage and went to the land of trolls.

A few hours later, the ground started to get a bit squelchy and they had to get out and walk.

It had begun to get dark and it was feeling cold now.

They saw an old house and an old couple came out “Who are you?” they asked

“My name is Lucy” replied Lucy “and these are my friends Ella, Mia and Ruby.”

“Are you looking for something?” they asked.

“Yes, we are. You don’t happen to know if there is a troll village near, here do you?” Lucy asked.

The couple replied “We do, but it is very dangerous”.

“It’s ok” Lucy said.

“Go to the other side of our house, you will have to walk a few miles west.

From there you will find a gate, you should be just so lucky to fit under there. On the other side of the gate is the troll camps,” the couple told the princesses.

“Thank you so much” Lucy replied.

They set off and arrived at the gate a few minutes later. They all managed to squeeze under the gate.

“Right” Lucy said to herself, “let’s bring those fairy tale creatures back.”

Soon they were searching around the camp carefully, hoping not to be seen.

A short time later they saw a stable, when they looked inside there were the unicorns.

Luckily, they all still had their horns “thank goodness” said the princesses.

They quickly opened the door and let the unicorns out.

“I wonder where the fairies are?” asked Lucy.

Ruby started looking around until she shouted “Look over there in that shed, I can see lanterns. I think the fairies are in there!”

“Good spot Ruby,” Lucy replied. “They are flying, so they must still have their wings”.

Ruby opened the shed and saw that the fairies were locked inside lanterns but could not see any keys.

Lucy saw some drawers, searched them and found a tiny key which unlocked the doors to the lanterns and out came the fairies.

“Now to free the mermaids!” said Ella.

“Where will we find them?” asked Lucy.

“Let’s try the pond” said Ella. “Mermaids need water to survive”

They went to the pond and saw the mermaid was trapped there.

“Look, over there” said Ruby. There is a drinking tank, maybe we could drag her back to our carriage in it?”

They filled the tank with water from the pond and got the mermaid in.

They got the unicorns to help drag the tank back to the carriage.

The unicorns and the fairies followed the carriage back to Fairy tale land, where they had a huge party.

Lucy was a hero in fairy tale but when she returned to Florence no one knew where she had been.

The End.

Name: Faye Angear
Age: 7
Country: United Kingdom

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