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The Gloobies by Donagh Crean, age 11, Ireland – 2ND PLACE


You’re probably wondering what Gloobies are. Well I’m going to tell you.

Gloobies are dog poops.

Dog poops that haven’t been picked up.

These dog poops grow hair and eyes and legs and their only goal in life is to make the person that didn’t pick that piece of dog poo up step in the Gloobie at the worst possible time.

This story is about a businessman named Mr. O’Dwyer. He always wore a three piece suit, a smart tie and smart shoes.

He had blindingly white teeth, perfect brown hair, blue eyes and gold rimmed glasses.

Mr. O’Dwyer was a very important businessman.

So important that he thought that, when he was taking his rottweiler, Nanny, for a walk that he didn’t have to pick up the poo!

It was a Tuesday and Mr. O’Dwyer was taking Nanny for a walk He was just doing a lap of his estate with Nanny.

He was turning the last corner when Nanny began to squat.

Mr. O’Dwyer looked away as if admiring his neighbour’s house. He looked back and saw that Nanny was done, but had left a steaming brown present on the path.

Mr. O’Dwyer looked around to see that nobody was watching and then continued on his short walk as if nothing had ever happened!

Two days later a Gloobie named Ploopy (I know, it’s a bit confusing) formed.

This Gloobie was a hero in Gloobieland.

You see, every time a Gloobie gets stepped on, they get teleported back to Gloobieland and are then assigned another mission.

This gloobie was a professional. He knew what to do.

His all-knowing mind scanned Mr. O’Dwyer’s very organised and busy timetable.

“Aha!” exclaimed Ploopy “A job promotion tomorrow. How interesting!”

Ploopy waddled on his short brown legs all the way up to Mr. O’Dwyer’s driveway.

It was a very posh driveway leading up to a very posh house.

Ploopy walked into the front garden and hid beside Mr. O’Dwyer’s fanciest car and fell asleep.

Ploopy woke up at exactly the right time the next day.

It was like he had an alarm clock inside of his head, specially timed for his big moment.

Mr. O’Dwyer was wearing his smartest suit with his smartest tie and his smartest shoes.

He got into his smartest Mercedes Benz (he had three) and sat down against the leather seat.

He turned the key in the ignition and off he drove. Little did he know that somebody else was on board, or rather ‘on roof’.

That’s right. Ploopy was sitting on the roof admiring all the beautiful dog poops on the side of the road.

He was enjoying the wind in his mould and the beautiful smell of pollution in the air.

When Mr. O’Dwyer arrived, Ploopy was prepared for his big moment.

Even a centimetre off target and it would all be ruined.

He knew how to do it and when to do it.

Mr.O’Dwyer got out of the car looking forward to seeing the big boss and getting a promotion.

He didn’t notice the heroic Ploopy throwing himself under Mr. O’Dwyer’s foot as he stepped down onto the tarmac of the big boss’s car park.

“Squelch,” went Ploopy.

Mr. O’Dwyer looked in awe at the big boss’s office block. It looked extremely expensive.

Someday, he thought, this could all be mine.

He began to walk towards the office block.

Mr. O’Dwyer walked in through the revolving door.

It was actually so much fun that he went around three times before entering the building.

The carpet was velvet and the reception desk was made entirely of marble.

The elderly receptionist who used to be a librarian was sitting at the reception desk.

She looked him up and down. “Smart suit, check, smart tie, check, smart shoes, check,” she muttered.


Mr. O’Dwyer was so startled that he didn’t move. He just stood and stared.

But he quickly began running for his car when the receptionist brandished a police baton and began to chase him.

Mr. O’Dwyer would have to wait another ten years to get that job promotion all because he didn’t pick up one piece of dog poo.

So if you have a dog and it does a poo, pick it up or the Gloobies will get you.

Name: Donagh Crean
Age: 11
Country: Ireland

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