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The Girl And The Trap Door by Ella Dunlop, age 7, UK

Once upon a time there was a girl her name was Amelia.

Everyone thought she had nothing to hide, but they were wrong, very wrong.  She and her friends had a secret that they never told anyone.

Our story starts on an ordinary summer day when Amelia and her friends are in Amelia’s bedroom.

When the coast was clear the girls took some high-tech robots they made of themselves and lifted up the carpet and there was a small square.

They lifted it up and went inside – it was a trap door!

They said where they dreamed of going and as quick as a flash they were there!

They were in their Dreamland – there were rainbows everywhere, same with candy.

It was amazing!

There were unicorns, puppies with wings and horns, and everything you could ever imagine. They played for hours on end.

Then Amelia looked at her watch and said ‘the barbecue will be ready in 5 minutes we’d better get going, we’ll go somewhere else tomorrow’.

They had their barbecue – it was delicious.

By the way if you’re wondering about the trap door, while Amelia’s in bed I’ll tell you about it.

So one day when Amelia was three she felt a bump underneath her carpet so she lifted it up and saw some loose floorboards.

They were easy to lift and under them she saw a small room with 3 chairs so she went inside and said ‘I wish I could go to Candy Land’ and she magically appeared there and she was wearing a watch.

She tapped it and she was suddenly back at home!

She thought it was all a dream so in a couple hours she tried again and of course it worked.

The next day Amelia and her friends agreed to go to Mythical Land and when they got there the Chief of all Mythical Creatures was waiting for them.

The Chief said ‘Girls I’m so glad you’re here, a group of unicorns were talking about where they would most like to go in the world.

“One said the Eiffel Tower, one said the London Eye and the last one said Buckingham Palace – then they disappeared. I think one of them was holding one of your watches! Girls please help find them’.

The girls were really excited.

So the next day they packed a few snacks and set off on their search for the unicorns.

First they went to the Eiffel Tower and they asked the manager if he had seen a unicorn. He said ‘yes, she went on the east steps’.

They went over and paid for tickets and went to the east steps. They ran as fast as they could and eventually got to the top where they saw the first unicorn.

They told her to hold their hands and they held the watch and wished to go back to the land of mythical creatures, so that was the first mission completed.

Next they went to Buckingham Palace and that day the Queen was having a birthday party.

The girls asked the Queen very nicely if she had seen a unicorn. The Queen said ‘she went to the top floor’, so they had to walk for ages and eventually they got to the top.

They saw the unicorn and said ‘hold our hands’. She did and they said ‘I want to go to Mythical Creature Land’, so that was mission 2 completed.

Eventually they had to go to the London Eye, so they teleported there and this time as soon as they got there they saw the unicorn.

They thought it was third time lucky and they said ‘hold our hands’. They wished to go to Mythical Creature Land but as soon as they did the unicorn turned into a demon!

Everyone froze in amazement – it couldn’t be their worst enemy the demon!

And not only that, it was the Chief Demon!

They tried as hard as they could to get him out, then the strongest mythical creature lifted him up and gorilla-taped him to the girls’ watch and in no time at all he was back in Demon Land.

The girls brought the unicorn home and that evening there was a huge party to celebrate in Mythical Creature Land!

The girls went home and lived happily ever after (and had lots more adventures).

Name: Ella Dunlop
Age: 7
Country: United Kingdom

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