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The Enchanted Unicorn by Riyanshi Malhotra, age 9, India – HIGHLY COMMENDED


Once there was a girl named Riya.

She was fond of Unicorns. She used to dream and wonder about Unicorns all the time.

Once she went to a mall and saw a beautiful Unicorn toy. She wanted to buy it but her mother refused as she thought that playing with imaginary characters was useless.

One fine day, on her 8th Birthday, her father gifted the same unicorn which she had seen in the mall the other day.

That unicorn was very special. It had magical powers and no one knew it, not even Riya.

The next day, she hugged her unicorn and wished for a Unicorn diary and set off for school. She told all her friends about her birthday gift.

When she reached home, she was amazed to see a unicorn diary on her bed which she wished for. She was surprised as to how this could have happened.

In the evening, all her family members were ready to go to a mall and were waiting for Riya.

In the Mall, she saw a gorgeous silk dress on display and there was a long queue only to see it. To her amazement, she found out that this dress was for the Princesses of England.

The next day when she reached back home, she was astonished to see that same silk dress in her wardrobe. She became really happy and tried the dress on. She danced around happily.

A few minutes later she realized where the dress came from? She took off the dress and ran to inform her mother about the dress.

Before she could say anything, the news was popping on the television about the missing dress. Riya ran to her room scared.

Suddenly, the Unicorn spoke to her. She was startled. The Unicorn explained to her about her powers. She requested the unicorn to return the dress back to the store as it didn’t belong to her.

So, at night when everybody slept, the unicorn went to the store to return the dress. Riya was relieved. She kept it a secret for many days.

One day, when she was talking to her Unicorn, her father came inside to put her in bed. When he noticed the Unicorn he got scared and asked Riya about it.

Riya told her father everything. Her father went outside to call her mother. Riya was frightened that her mother would scold her.

But to her surprise, her mother sat with unicorn and asked him about his powers.

The unicorn answered that he was from London:

“A man was working on me for two years; he was making for his daughter.

“He owned a big toy store in London. So one day when he was packing an order of toys, his colleague put me in the box by mistake.

“Since then I have been wandering from store to store.” the Unicorn said.

Riya’s parents felt very bad for that girl whose father had worked so hard on this Unicorn.

So they both decided to return this Unicorn but the question was how?

After giving it a thought they decided to plan their summer vacation to London. By doing this, they could also return the Unicorn and they could explore the country.

But to everyone’s dismay, Riya’s father told them about his important meetings during that time.

Riya’s mother told them that Riya’s best friend was also going to London with her family so they could send her with them instead.

Riya was overwhelmed with the idea and called her friend to ask if she could also join them. Riya’s friend Amayra asked her mother and she agreed to it.

So after so much wait, they reached London. She went to the store and met the man who made that Unicorn.

The man was surprised to know that such a small girl is so generous and has come all the way to return the Unicorn.

The man was touched by her gesture and asked her to keep it with her as a gift from him to her.

She also told Riya that he had made another one for his daughter. Riya was delighted and called her parents and told them the whole story.

They were pleased to know that Riya could keep her favorite toy.

Since then that Unicorn remained with Riya but she never misused its powers.

Name: Riyanshi Malhotra
Age: 9
Country: India

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