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The Dragon Realm by Blake Loder, age 11, Canada – HIGHLY COMMENDED

drawing of blue dragon on pink and green background


There was a time at the Blaze Kingdom when the aqua dragons extinguished the fire of the kingdom.

Their kingdom was called The Crisper but now it isn’t that crispy.

The reason they had all the fire was to keep them warm because they can’t stand the cold.

So they tried to make more fire but the ground was too damp.

So the blaze dragon leader, Ash, asked the earth dragons to help defeat the water dragons.

The earth dragon leader, Axel, said:

“Sure, but it would be smart to recruit the air dragons before the water dragon leader Aurora recruits them. We made an alliance with the air dragons already.”

“Ok, then I’m on my way to ask them. Bye,” said Ash.

“Bye Ash,” said Axel, “See you at the battle.”

Ash left and went to the air kingdom and said:

“I am here to see your leader Aerial.”

“Ok,” said the guard, “follow me.”

“Wonderful.” Ash followed the guard to the Aerial Assault Chamber.

“Hello Ash,” said Aerial.

“Hey. Axel and I are hoping you will help us defeat Aurora. The aqua dragons attacked The Crisper!” said Ash.

“Oh, sorry but I am already working with Aurora.”

“Oh. Well then fight ya later, cuz.”

Then the fire and earth dragons started charging toward the aqua dragon kingdom.

All of a sudden, a monument appears and two elemental shards arise from it.

The fragments were a part of the Dragon Star.

It was the most powerful thing in the world, but they only had 2 fragments:t he one of pure rock and the piece made of fire.

But then another fragment appeared!

It was like lava trapped in rocks.

They found out they had the Magma fragment.

It was a combination of fire and earth created because of their alliance.

It meant the leaders have a bond.

They were amazed when they realized they had fragments of the star!

When a dragon becomes a leader, they place their hand on the Altar of Dragons, and it gives the knowledge of the Dragon Star.

There were six main pieces of the star and 15 different alliance combinations.

Once all the dragons make alliances with each other, the Dragon Star would be formed.

The Dragon Star is so strong, it can upgrade dragons.

Then Axel remembered that him and Aerial must have created a fragment too because they made an alliance before.

He told Ash this.

“That’s right! You should go see Aerial about your fragment. Meet me at the altar after you have gotten your fragments,” Ash said.

“I’ll go to the Shadow Kingdom to create an alliance with Archer.”

So Ash went to the shadow kingdom to make an alliance with them.

“Hey Archer, how are you? Haven’t seen you in a while, bro. You’ll never believe what me and Axel found!” said Ash.

“What did you find?” said Archer.

“We found our fragments and our alliance fragments of the Dragon Star!”

“Really? What do they look like?”

Ash shows him the fire fragment.

“That’s what those are? I’ve had some of those a while but I never knew what they were.

I’ve gotten them from alliances with every leader except for you and Axel because we haven’t made alliances yet.

Shall we make an alliance?”

“Sure bro!” The black flame fragment appeared.

“I’ll bring mine to the altar after I see Dad and Aurora. Can you meet me there?” asked Ash.

“See ya there!”

Ash flies to the Light Kingdom. In the centre of the Light Kingdom, there is a lighthouse, where he finds his dad.

“Dad, something crazy happened….” and Ash told him all about the fragment hunt and asked to make an alliance.

“Of course, son. I’ll meet you at the altar after I’ve gathered the rest of my fragments.”

Ash headed to the Aqua Kingdom.

He was still annoyed with Aurora but knew that the Dragon Star could fix all of it.

He told Aurora to meet him and the others at the altar. She agreed.

At the altar, they placed all the fragments in the form of a star.

Only 1 was missing, the steam shard. Ash and Aurora put the feud behind them and made an alliance.

The star was complete.

They upgraded themselves and Axel helped Ash dry up the dampened ground.

Everything was put behind them and they were all happy.

Name: Blake Loder
Age: 11
Country: Canada

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