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The Bike Race by Gavin Fallon, age 11, Republic of Ireland

I’d never seen her before.

She seemed to be around my age.

I watched her as she left her bike leaning against the wall and went into the shop.

The bike looked like the one I used to own. It went missing a few weeks ago. It looked to have the same scrapes and dents that my bike had.

It had to be mine!

I didn’t know whether to get on the bike or follow the girl into the shop.

I decided to bring it home but my house was all the way in Kiltrustan. I’d need a rocket to get me there without anyone seeing me.

But I set off on my way.

It wasn’t exactly the day for cycling a bike, as the rain lashed down. My face was dripping with both rain and sweat. It was hard to know the difference.

My heart was thumping.

Should I just have gone into the shop and confronted her? She had my bike after all!

But I didn’t and here I am…on my bike like a drowned rat.

After an hour I saw a car coming in my direction. The person driving it was a middle-aged man. But what caught my eye was the blonde-haired girl from the shop earlier.

Ohhhh noooo!

She was coming after me! She wanted the bike back.

Then as if luck would have it, I remembered my magic backpack.

Inside were all sorts of wonderful things – things that James Bond would be envious of.

I reached in and found the set of supersonic cylinders which I attached to the side of the bike.

I pressed my smart watch and off I went like I had Usain Bolts’ legs attached to me.

I was going so fast my hair was drying out. Now for the self-combing brush from the bag – I couldn’t go anywhere without my hair looking swell!

But as I gazed in the mirror at my locks, I didn’t see the massive bump in the road. It came up out of nowhere and I flew over the handlebars.

I saw so many stars at that moment I thought I was in space!

I woke with a start as a spectacle-wearing blonde was hovering over me. I could hear her calling out, asking if I was alive.

Of course I was alive.

But my sense of smell made me wish I wasn’t – I was after landing in a silage feeder and surrounded by cow dung.

All I could hear was this constant murmur of the girl demanding to know why I stole her bike.

Stole HER bike???? Was this girl crazy??


But hey, if she wanted a bike that was dented way more than it already had been…

“Oh here then, take it” I told her.

“Just get me away from these cows!”

They were emitting a lot of gas – I felt ill.

And all the while was this noise coming out of the mouth of a girl I just wanted to go away.

In the mix I could hear the man calling to her to get her bike and to come on. He was going to be reporting me to the Gardaí when he got back to town.

I managed to get up and peered over the hedge that I had obviously fallen across.

The middle-aged man was lifting MY bike into his car. MY BIKE! I had an idea – if I could get to my back pack I’d get it back!!!

I looked around, but there was no sign of my trusted backpack.

And then. by luck, I spotted one of the Charolais cows sniffing my pack that at this stage had turned a brown colour from its stay in the dung!!

As the car was turning to drive away, I reached in and got out my electromagnetic saber.

It would bring my bike back to me. I’d be able to mend the bike and the girl wouldn’t even know.

Yes…The bike was back!

As much as was damaged and broken, my shiny out-of-tune bell still worked.

I rang that bell.

Victory was mine!

But Ouch – it hurt to hear it. It kept ringing. And ringing. Stop! Make it stop!

Then as I reached to stop the ringing, I woke to the sound of my alarm clock.

I dashed from my bed and looked out. Yesssss! My bike was safe and sound.

It was all a dream! Phewwww!

Name: Gavin Fallon
Age: 11
Country: Republic of Ireland

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