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The Big Baby Escape by Arabella Richardson, age 7, UK

Chapter One – The sleepover

Once upon a time there was a little one called Florence who loved ice cream and winter, but most of all she loved her family and friends.

One winter it snowed but after that it was Springs so every time she walked she was so bored.

She was only six and in August it was her birthday. Her mummy invited some of her friends over. She invited Eva, Amelia, Zac and Emily to her house.

Florence thought something was missing, then she realised her best friend, Daisy, wasn’t there. Daisy usually wore splendid turquoise dresses that went with her ebony coloured hair.

After her friends left her house, Florence and her mummy set up an indoor camp and midnight feast for a special treat. 

They set up the sleeping bags and tents in the house, it looked perfect.

Then Florence heard a loud knock, she went to the door and her mummy said she could open it. It was Daisy! She even had her hair up for a special occasion.

They read stories, watched a film and had a midnight feast. It was so exciting.

Late at night all were asleep, and they were woken by a noise.

At first it was quite but then it got louder and louder. Then Mummy shouted “she’s coming!” Florence and Daisy were confused.

Chapter Two – Drive fast, here they come

Suddenly they all got in the car which her Daddy was driving. We rushed so it was hard to read the sign on the building in the dark.

Florence only saw it began with a B. When we got inside Florence realised this might be mummy having a baby. Or, was it two?

We went to a room in the building, then her Daddy took Florence and Daisy to another friends house for another sleepover.

It was super dark now, they went inside the sleepy house. It was their other best friend Olivia’s home – three best friends together.

She went to bed and had amazing dreams, but missed her mummy and daddy.

Chapter Three – Library mystery

The next day they went to the library, but something was wrong. The library was normally spotless but this day it was so messy.

Florence walked through the hallway, books were stacked messily on top of each other.

Pencils were all over the floor and the paper was all scribbled on.

No one was there, apart from the librarian, which in a way made it peaceful.

The librarian was in a tiny room at the end of the hall. Where did everybody go?

As Florence walked to the other room, Olivia’s mummy’s phone rang. It was for Florence.

It was her mummy, she said “both babies escaped!”. This made Florence wonder. Why would babies escape?

Florence needed to ask what had happened to the library. The Librarian told them “I don’t know, all I saw was two people crawling through the library and everyone running away”. “Did you see their faces” asked Florence, “Sadly not” he answered.

The only clue was the people were crawling. “Are they still here” she asked, “not anymore, goodbye” the librarian snapped.

Florence ran out of the library and searched ‘where do babies run away to’ on her Ipad.

There were so many answers, but one looked interesting:  Mount Mini, where babies run away if they mess up a Library.

She knew they had to go on an adventure there.

They walked through the woods but got lost quickly.

Suddenly Florence saw a boy. She thought he could show the way, she asked directions to Mini mountain. He did not know, but he would try to help. His name was Alex.

Chapter Four – Caveboy Alex

They travelled through the woods until Alex said, “walk into my cave”.

Florence wondered why someone would live in a cave, but she wanted to find out.

As they entered they all fell into a big hole and kept sliding down.

Olivia was screaming. Florence was shouting “what’s going on”? Daisy said, “it must stop”; Alex was just saying “woo hoo!”.

When the reached the bottom there were so many amazing things – rope swings, toys.

Florence asked Alex “why do you live here” and he answered, “because I’m a cave boy, didn’t you think cave people were real”? 

In Florence’s head she thought “No”.

Alex pulled out a map and said this map will show you the way to Mount Mini, head down that tunnel.

The friends ventured off. What will happen next…?

Name: Arabella Richardson
Age: 7
Country: United Kingdom

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