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The 3 Fairies by Rashithaa Mahalingam, age 8, India

Once upon a time there lived two fairies.

One of them can’t do magic but the other one can.

Every day they used to play a game.

One day while they were playing, a new fairy came to meet them.

The other two fairies were very happy.

One day while all three fairies were playing together, suddenly a strange monster came in front of them.

The monster caught the new fairy and the fairy who could do magic.

The 3rd fairy who couldn’t do magic was very sad that she couldn’t help her friends.

Then she thought, no way I am leaving my friend!

Then she tried to say some magic words, it didn’t work the first three times, but she didn’t give up.

She tried hard and finally she was able to do magic and free her friends and killed the monster.

And from that day all three fairies lived happily ever after.

Name: Rashithaa Mahalingam
Age: 8
Country: India

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