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Take part in the Lock-down Virtual Run 2

Virtual run - a family running outside

What’s the Idea?

The Lock-down Virtual Run is back for a 2nd time this Saturday 16 May

A fun way for families to keep fit while supporting the NHS

What’s the story

Muddy Productions are teaming up with Let’s Do This to bring another Little Welly Virtual Run

As the first one was such a success- they have decided to launch another one.

This is a great virtual race to do with the kids

And at the end, everyone who booked a space will receive a medal

Which is a great lockdown memory!

Unlike some other virtual runs/activities this one has to be completed on 16 May

But what’s a better way to motivate and encourage everyone out of the house!

People should do this because…?

Encourages and motivates the entire family to go out and get some exercise.

The event is helping to raise money for ‘the heroes of the NHS’

So 20% of the entry fee per person will be donated

If you entered the first run then this is your chance to beat your time or increase your distance!

You can choose from 3 distances – 2.5k, 5k, or 10k

They will keep track of all of the entry times Meaning you can track your performance against your age group

At the end you will receive a medal

As a lockdown memory and something to be proud of!

How do you do it?

This Virtual Run starts at 8am on Saturday 16 May.

You have 48 hours from this time to complete the distance and upload your information.

  1. First you will need to go to the Lets Do This website by clicking here
  2. You will need to secure your slot by clicking ‘Book Now’
  3. Select which distance you would like to run and for how many people (2.5, 5, or 10k)
  4. Plan your ideal route
  5. If you need to download a distance running app you can click here
  6. Record your activity on a tracker and take a screen shot
  7. Take a photo finish!
  8. Go back to the event page to submit your results
  9. Upload a screenshot of your activity tracker or gps
  10. Provide your finish time and overall distance
  11. Wait for your medal to come in the post!

If for some reason you miss this race

Or don’t have time this weekend

Then there are plenty of other virtual events to take part in that are not time sensitive

And are family friendly

Click here for some more information.

Stuff you may need

  • Computer, tablet or phone to register and book
  • GPS or activity tracker to keep track of your distance and time

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