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Take part in 30 Days Wild with the kids

Take part in 30 Days Wild with the kids - image of a child enjoying nature

What’s the Idea?

Join the Wildlife Trusts ’30 Days Wild’ annual nature challenge this June and get busy with 30 simple, fun and exciting activities to do from home.

What’s the story

With many lockdown measures still in place, we are always on the look-out for activities that we can do at home – preferably outside and away from the screen.

A friend recommended this campaign to me and I decided to look into things further.

Every June the Wildlife Trusts kicks off it’s 30 Days Wild challenge.

The Trust aims to connect local people with nature that they have at their doorstep.

They hope to inspire people to protect and stand up for wildlife and wild places in their own areas.

It is really easy to sign up and you will be provided with all the information you need to take part in each wild day of June!

People should do this because…?

Get the family together and connect with nature for the month of June and beyond!

It’s FREE!

You will be provided with 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness providing structure and ideas for each day.

Activities include:

  • How to bake hedgehog cupcakes.
  • A nature passport – this is a great way to look at new ideas for each day and the kids can tick them off in the ‘passport’.
  • Nature bingo – great for a nature walk and keep the kids motivated!
  • Ideas about how to connect with nature such as looking at shapes of the clouds, star gazing, reading a wild book or poem or going on a bug hunt.
  • A beginner’s guide to wildlife photography.

This is a lovely way to create an appreciation of the environment with kids while providing a bit of structure to the day!

How do you do it?

How to sign up to 30 Days Wild:

  • Go to the 30 Days Wild Webpage on the Wildlife Trusts Website.
  • Click on who will be taking part – children/families, schools, businesses or care homes.
  • Fill in your details and click on ‘Take Part Now’.
  • An information pack link will be sent to you where you can download the activities.
  • There is also a 30 Days Wild app.
  • For extra ‘bonus’ items, keep an eye on your emails for additional fun activities.

There will be lots of Random Acts of Wildness in the packs but you can also make up your own!

  • Share your photos, ideas and Random Acts of Wildness on Instagram and Twitter using #30DaysWild or join the Facebook group to swap tips.
  • For some ideas and great nature activities to take part in with the kids have a look at our Nature Page here.

Why not take a look at the Wildlife Trusts Webcams

Or you can also join a live midsummer nature walk on Saturday 20th June.

Hosted by Ruaraidh & Stephen from the Nature 4 Health team, you can learn about minibeasts, their habitats and lifestyles.

This online event will be hosted via Zoom, and is aimed at anyone getting involved in outdoor learning, be they pupil, teacher, or something in between!

Suitable for all the family, see for more details.

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