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Support the Artist Support Pledge on Instagram

Support the Artist Pledge on Instagram - photo of an artist standing by an easel with a landscape painting

What’s the Idea?

Artists are selling paintings for max £200. For every 5 sold, they pledge to buy 1. It’s a great way to support artists AND buy original art

What’s the story

I myself have worked as a full-time artist and I know how hard it is to make regular money.

Lots of artists supplement their incomes with teaching but of course that’s not really possible during the Coronavirus lockdowns.

And without wanting to make any sweeping generalisations, artists aren’t always very tech savvy, so can’t necessarily move to teaching online.

I myself am taking part in the Artist Support Pledge.

100% of any money I make will be donated to, so we can keep on Making Lives Better.

You can find my Instagram page with paintings for sale here:

People should do this because…?

The Artist Support Pledge is an absolutely fantastic initiative.

It will help artists make a little bit of income in a very challenging time.

If you’re an art lover and you still have an income or savings, it’s a great way to collect original art and do a bit of good.

Some artists are selling their work at a fraction of their usual prices so you can pick up a real bargain.

And of course all of the artists taking part have pledged to buy from another artist, once they’ve sold 5 paintings.

So your generosity would be part of one big chain of generosity!

How do you do it?

Here’s how to take part, whether you are an artist or an art lover.

The Artist Support Pledge – for artists:

If you are an artist and you want to take part, visit</a&gt; for more information.

You will need your own Instagram account to take part so if you don’t have one, set one up.

This article will tell you how.

Then just post an image of the painting you would like to sell.

You need to hashtag the Artist Support Pledge – #artistsupportpledge.

Don’t forget to include information about the medium / surface, size, and whether it is framed or not.

Postage & packaging should be paid by the buyer separately, so it would be good to mention that too.

The highest price you can set is £200 (or $200 or 200 euros, depending where you are based).

If someone wants to buy your painting, they will DM (Direct Message) you.

Once you have sold 5 paintings, you must buy 1 painting from someone else.

The Artist Support Pledge – for supporters:

If you are a supporter and you want to buy art, there’s 2 ways to find paintings for sale under the Artist Support Pledge.

Route 1

You can visit the Instagram page:</a&gt;

This is the main feed for the hashtag #artistsupportpledge.

There’s loads on there! And lots of different styles, so something for everyone.

Scroll down a bit so you’re in the ‘most recent’ section -that’s where the artwork is most likely to be still for sale.

Route 2

If you already have artists you admire, then you can visit their Instagram page directly.

It will be easier for you to find paintings they have for sale under the Artist Support Pledge on their own page, rather than via the general page.

This is because there’s so many artists taking part

If you want to buy something

All you need to do is DM the artist and arrange payment and postage.

Please note that postage & packaging is additional to the cost of the painting.

If you want to help Leigh Brownlee’s Artist Support Pledge

I will donate any money from paintings I sell to

That’s so we can keep the website going whilst we’re waiting for funding to come through.

I completely understand that not everyone has money right now!

But if you can share this post, perhaps someone you know is in a better position to buy.

Or if you have some money to spend but my work’s not your thing, it would be great to see something go to another artist.

So either way please do take a look at the Instagram Artist Support Pledge if you are a lover of art.

Stuff you may need

  • Laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Wifi or other internet access
  • Access to internet banking

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