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Super Hamster by Dexter Scott, age 7, UK

Once upon a time there was a hamster called Oreo.

He had white fur. He also had white and brown ears.

If you looked inside his eyes there was green which means the colour of his eyes were green.

Every day at night Oreo got out of his cage and saved the planet!
In the day Oreo was really tired because of all of the work he did.

What he did was save the environment by cleaning up all of the rubbish with his litter picker.

One evening he met a evil guinea pig called Evil Lily.

Lily’s eyes could shoot lasers at people she didn’t like. Her fur was black and brown.

They had a fight about not using plastic because Lily uses plastic too much and throws it into the oceans.

Oreo said “you are killing the animals!. If you don’t stop I will not let you eat your favourite food again.”

“Never!” said Lily.

“Well if you refuse you will not be able to go outside again” said Oreo very angrily locking Lily up in a padlocked cage.

“Ha ha, I have a power to get through anything” Said Lily “and you can’t stop me now because I’ve got a team of robots at the seas ready to throw litter and plastic into them.

“All I have to do is press this button” pointing to her magic watch.

Oreo had a terrified look on his face wondering what to do. But before Lily pressed the button Oreo came up with a idea.

So he ran home to get a potion and went to the seas.

Just in time Oreo stopped the robots by using a special potion that made anything anywhere not work.

He typed a code that went to Lily’s button and stopped it. “Phew just in time” said Oreo happily.

Lily then came to the seas with Oreo. Oreo showed Lily her favourite animal, a giant sea turtle suffering because he was stuck in a plastic bag wrapped around his neck.

Lily was really upset, so her and Oreo got some scissors and cut the turtle free.

Lily said “I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again”. 

Oreo and Lily went home to rest. The next day Oreo met Lily again and they both did some litter picking.

“From now on I will not throw litter into the wildlife” said Lily.

“Thank you” said Oreo. “Remember we all need to look after our environment”.

Name: Dexter Scott
Age: 7
Country: United Kingdom

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