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Summer Solstice party ideas

An all-time classic – the full Radiohead set from 1997

Summer Solstice is nearly upon us, so we’d better get party-ready! (in a socially distanced way, of course). To help with your Summer Solstice party preparations, we’ve gathered together some Summer music playlists and Summer Solstice party ideas from around the web.


The traditional Stonehenge celebrations might be cancelled for 2020, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate them at home.

stonehenge solstice party

If you’re going to stay up for the solstice sunrise, you might as well make a real event of it! Try these costume and food ideas, and of course you’ll want some traditional pagan music to complete the atmosphere.

Make a flower crown - young blonde haired girl in red flower crown outdoors in Summer

Make a flower crown

Learn to make a beautiful flower crown to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

Sew a fast and simple hooded cape

Make an antler headdress

Make a decorated magic wand

DIY elf ears

‘Litha’ is the Pagan name for Summer Solstice. Try these traditional recipes.

How to make honey cakes for Litha

How to make honey mead

Light and creamy Litha lemon tart

Eye-catching floral shortbread cookies

If you want to go the full Druid, try this traditional Solstice music

Litha Ritual Music –

Traditional Latvian Solstice Music –

have a virtual glastonbury festival at home

Summer is normally the height of festival season, so if you can’t go out to play, why not enjoy these classic Glasto sets at home.

David Bowie sings Heroes in 2000

Faithless perform Insomnia in 2002

Amy Winehouse sings Valerie in 2007

Dolly Parton sings Jolene in 2014

The Verve perform Bittersweet Symphony in 2008

The Rolling Stones perform I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction) in 2013

Oasis with Wonderwall in 2004

Neil Young Rocking in the Free World in 2009

An all-time classic – the full Radiohead set from 1997

Indie gold – the full Pixies set from 1989

The entire Primal Scream set from 2018

Coldplay entire set, end to end from 2002

Celebrate summer solstice shakespeare-style

If you’re looking for a more sedate way to mark Summer Solstice, enjoy these Shakespeare related ideas – starting with A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream of course!

host a summer solstice barbecue

Ok, so you might not be able to hold a big party this year, but you can have a barbecue with a few friends – provided you keep your distance!  So why not try out these barbecue ideas?

Scrummy Burgers For All Tastes

Super-easy pulled pork (no bbq required!) – from BBC Good Food

Easy and delicious turkey burgers (healthier than beef) – from

Quick and simple vegan black bean burgers from

Juicy veggie burgers from everyday ingredients – from

Delicious Sides

Classic potato salad – from BBC Good Food

Homemade coleslaw from

Posh Nosh for BBQs

Baby-back ribs for the meat-eaters

Vegan bbq ribs (yes, you heard correctly!)

Spatchcock Piri-piri chicken

Barbecue pork belly

Summer solstice party playlists

Whatever type of Summer Solstice party you decide to throw, you’re going to need music. Fortunately Spotify has a whole host of Summer music playlists to cater for all tastes.

Beach Party Tunes –

Retro Party Tunes –

Kids Party Tunes –
Summer Rock Playlist –
Ibiza Classics Playlist –
Happy Pop Playlist –
Summer Jazz Playlist –
Summer Classical Playlist –

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