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Learn about Summer Solstice history and myths

Summer Solstice history - photo of the sun rising at stonehenge.

If you're interested in the Summer Solstice history and myths, this page is for you! Find out loads of interesting stuff about this thousands of years' old celebration plus we link you to Solstice myths from around the World.

SummEr SOlstice History - STUFFER ARTICLES

Articles about Summer Solstice history and myths from our team of writers

Stonehenge tour - image of Stonehenge.

Experience a virtual Stonehenge tour

With the summer solstice only a few days away, why not take an interactive tour of the most famous pre-historic monument in the world.

The Green Man.

Meet The Green Man

Learn about the Green Man; the mysterious figure who is part of the Midsummer celebrations around the world.

Modern day druids - women and men in druid robes in the sunlight.

Learn all about Celtic Druids

Celtic Druids are a key part of the Summer Solstice celebrations. Learn about this ancient religion and present-day practices.

the majestic stonehenge

People have been celebrating Summer Solstice at Stonehenge for thousands of years. Here’s some photos of more recent events

Summer solstice and the green man

Summer Solstice is about rebirth and the coming back to life of Nature, symbolised by the mythical Green Man. The Green Man has been represented in art and sculpture for hundreds of years

Unravelling the mystery of the Green Man –

The Green Man in English Churches – Mediaeval

Learn about Stonehenge and neolithic britain

These fascinating documentaries cast some light on the mysteries of Stonehenge and its historical context

This Timewatch documentary narrates the history of Stonehenge from when it was first built, to the present day

Part 1 of a BBC documentary looking at the work of archaeologists at Stonehenge

Part 2 of the BBC documentary looking at the work of archaeologists at Stonehenge

More great history from the BBC – Part 1 of a documentary looking at Britain BBC

Part 2 of the BBC documentary chronicling Britain’s BC history

Enjoy these sun myths from around the world

Every nation on the planet has its own sun myths – we’ve collected a few together for you to enjoy

When the Snake Bites the Sun – Australia

The Sun and the Wind – Aesop’s Fables

How the Sun and the Moon Came to Live in the Sky – Africa

The First Sunrise – Aboriginal Dreamtime Story

The Story of the Sun and Moon

The Unlikeliest Sun God – Aztec

Enjoy these Kids' films and tv shows, related to pagan history and myth

Kids love a bit of magic and mystery! Enjoy these classic films and TV shows, steeped in Pagan history and legend

Meet Getafix the Druid in Asterix and Obelix in Britain

A re-telling of the Robin Hood legend from the 1980s, featuring mythical figure, Herne the Hunter

Enjoy this spooky series from the 1960s, immersed in Welsh pagan legend

Cult classic kids’ show from the 80s featuring a strange magician…..

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