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Summer Solstice food and drink

summer solstice food and drink ideas - toddler sitting on a picnic mat surrounded by summer food outdoors.

Summer is a time of plenty so what better way to celebrate this wonderful time of the year than with some scrumptious Summer Solstice food and drink ideas?

SummEr SOlstice Food & Drink- STUFFER ARTICLES

Enjoy these picnic ideas and Summer food and drink recipes from our team of writers

'Litha' celebrations - traditional food and drink for midsummer

‘Litha’ is the Pagan name for Summer Solstice. Here are some of the foods and drinks traditionally consumed on Litha, to celebrate Midsummer.

How to make honey cakes for Litha

How to make honey mead

Light and creamy Litha lemon tart

Floral shortbread cookies

Simple but delicious Blackberry Salad from

Skillet roasted apricots and blackberries from

A collection of Litha recipes from Shadowcraft and Light

More Litha food and drink recipes from

Summer fruit carving

Fresh fruit is traditionally consumed at Midsummer – so why not up your fruit game with a bit of carving?

Want to get your kids to eat more fruit? Try these three kid-friendly fruit carving ideas.

You’ve always admired the beautiful fruit carvings in Thai restaurants. Here’s some easy ideas for beginners.

What could be better than banana art?

If you’re feeling ambitious, try this advanced watermelon carving.

Enjoy these sweet summer treats

If you can’t be a little bit naughty on Summer Solstice, when can you be?!

Step-by-step Summer Solstice Cake

Raw lavender cheesecake – delicious & healthy

Homemade ice-cream without an ice-cream machine

Gluten-free Victoria sponge

Vegan, gluten-free, blueberry cheesecake

5 easy fruit sorbets

Lovely light and healthy summer recipes

After all those desserts, these delicious, fresh Summer meal ideas will go down a treat

As healthy as it gets – traditional Swedish Gravad Lax from Sweden.SE

Easy wholegrain barley and corn salad from

Grilled peach, chicken & feta salad from BBC GoodFood

Traditional gazpacho soup from

Summer vegan Buddha bowls

Healthy chicken Caesar salad from Jamie Oliver

Gordan Ramsey prawn tostadas

Healthy skewer recipes for the bbq

Sunrise Margarita (alcoholic)

Classic Peach Bellini (alcoholic)

Paradise Tropical Layered cocktail (alcoholic)

Watermelon Summer Punch (alcoholic)

Summer Solstice strawberry punch (no alcohol)

Kiwi Mojito (no alcohol)

Disneyland’s Mint Julep (no alcohol)

Ginger Lemonade (no alcohol)

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