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Summer Solstice arts & crafts

Summer is a great time of year for arts and crafts as there's lots of ways to incorporate natural materials and themes. In celebration of Summer Solstice we've collected some great Summer-related art and crafts content together - enjoy!

SummEr SOlstice Arts & Crafts - STUFFER ARTICLES

Enjoy these Summer Solstice arts & crafts ideas from our own team of writers

Make a flower crown - young blonde haired girl in red flower crown outdoors in Summer

Make a flower crown

Learn to make a beautiful flower crown to celebrate the Summer Solstice.

enjoy this sun related art

The sun has been an inspiration for artists for thousands of years. Enjoy these Sun Art collections, courtesy of Pinterest.

van gogh's sunflowers FOR KIDS

What could represent Summer more than Van Gogh’s Sunflowers? Show your children these learning videos and art projects, all around Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. 

Van Gogh’s life & art made into a cartoon – by Art with Mati and Dada

Draw Van Gogh’s Sunflowers step by step for ages 5+

Story time: Van Gogh and the Sunflowers, by Laurence Anholt

Collage sunflower project

Summer solstice Arts & CraftS FOR KIDS

Summer-related craft ideas for children to enjoy.

How to draw an Aztec Sun (older children)

Make a sunflower head-piece (older children)

Felt Flower bookmarks – from Happiness is Homemade

Make a cute toilet roll bee – from Easy Peasy and Fun

Summer Solstice Arts & Crafts for adults

It’s not just kids who love to create! Try these arts and crafts ideas for grown-ups

Make sun prints – from Martha Stewart

Free Sunflower knitting pattern, from

Make a sunset on the ocean tie-dye t-shirt

Perfect for meditation, learn to make scented soy candles.

sun and nature related art - how do they do that?!

Watch master artists and crafters in action, plus learn about Turner’s radical sunrise painting, Nordham Castle

Discover Turner’s marvellous sunrise painting, Nordham Castle.

Joe Adams 1600lb Sun Stone scultpure.

Jonasolsenwoodcraft makes a wolf pendant out of wood

How amazing is Michael Papadakis’s sunrise art?!

Check out our other Summer Solstice ideas

We’ve got loads more Summer Solstice stuff for you to enjoy – see our other collections below

Summer Solstice party ideas

Need an idea for your Summer Solstice Party at home? We’ve collected together loads of Solstice party ideas for you

summer solstice food and drink ideas - toddler sitting on a picnic mat surrounded by summer food outdoors.

Summer Solstice food and drink

We’ve gathered together loads of Summer Solstice food and drink ideas from around the world – let’s celebrate Summer!

Summer Solstice for kids

Celebrate summer solstice for kids

Summer Solstice is a magical event in the year, and a great opportunity for fun activities with the kids – plus they might learn a bit too

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