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Summer picnic ideas for kids

Summer Picnic Ideas for Kids - image of children having a picnic.

What’s the idea?

Picnics are so much fun and children love them! These are our favourite summer picnic ideas for kids.

What’s the story?

Throughout the warmer months, my family and I eat outside at least once a day. My children love having picnics whenever they can.

Picnics are a great way to get the children outside, away from their screens.
And more often than not, once they are outside they will stay outside after the meal to play.

As a family, when the weather in the UK allows, we are outside as much as possible. Whether we are going on walks, a visit to the seaside or even just in our own garden.

I try to have a good stock of what I call ‘finger food’ so that I can throw together a picnic at a moment’s notice.

People should do this because…?

The picnic ideas for kids I have mentioned below are all easy to make and inexpensive.

They are also easy to transport.

Having a picnic on days out will save you money.

It also means that you are not reliant on getting food elsewhere.

You will have a good supply of tasty bites on hand when the children, without any warning, get extremely hungry.

How do you do it?

I tend to keep the food for picnics with my children very simple.

Both of my children have quite bland tastes, as they are both still young, so I take along mustards/pickles, etc for my husband and I to add in where we want to.

It is relatively easy to source gluten-free or dairy-free options of the food ideas I mention below.

Sandwiches or Pitta Pockets

Turn boring sandwiches into something a bit more fun by using pastry cutters to cut out sandwiches.

We have stars, hearts and jigsaw-shaped cutters and the children love to get involved with cutting out the sandwiches.

We also like to use pitta pockets.  We then take along fillings with us so that the children can fill their own pitta pocket with their favourites.

Filling ideas:
  • grated cheese
  • cucumber slices
  • chopped up ham
  • tuna and sweetcorn mixed with some mayonnaise
  • halved cherry tomatoes

Pastry Bites

As well as the sandwiches or pitta pockets I take a selection of pastry bites from the list below. These are great because they can be made up beforehand and some of them can be frozen. You can then defrost them as and when you need them. Some of my children’s favourites are:

Dips and Nibbles

We also always have some hummus dips and take along carrots, cucumber or cauliflower and mini tomatoes to dip into it (which can also double up as fillings for the pitta pockets).

My daughter loves olives and my son likes cocktail sausages so we always have a few of those. Cheese straws and scotch eggs are also great additions for everyone!


For dessert, my children love a mix of fresh fruits, which they enjoy helping me prepare. You can add any fruit you like.

We put together halved grapes, chopped strawberries, raspberries, cubes of pineapple and blueberries, give it a good mix and take it in a container with a well-sealed lid.

By the time we eat it the flavours have had time to mix together, and it tastes delicious!

Little fairy cakes are always welcomed too, we especially love making these unicorn cupcakes.

Or you could make some sunspot cookies and if I have time to make them, these strawberries & cream cheesecakes in a jar always get eaten up quickly!

Or you could try this wonderful Swedish style celebration layer cake.


While the grown-ups enjoy a nice cold glass of Pimms or bubbles I usually treat my children to some lovely homemade pink lemonade or make up some lemon or orange squash. You could also try making elderflower cordial. We always take plenty of water along with us.

Stuff you may need

  • Either a backpack or cool box to keep the food in.
  • A blanket or two to sit on
  • Cups or water bottles for the drinks
  • Napkins or wet-wipes (for those sticky fingers)
  • Plates and some cutlery
  • Sunhat and sunglasses
  • Sun lotion
  • A big appetite!

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