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Shooting to the Stars by Ivy Ripley, age 8, UK – JOINT 2ND PLACE


Once upon a time, there was a girl called Flora who had a beloved pet called Terry.

They loved space and spent their days working towards going to Planet Zoom.

She was desperate to go to Planet Zoom because it zoomed everywhere and occasionally bounced into other planets.

One day, Flora had a plan to make her dream come true and her space knowledge could help her…

As an astronomer, Flora had learnt that each star in the solar system had its own electric force.

Each time a planet or other object came near, the force made it bounce away.

Planet Zoom was a very light planet so the bounce lasted a long time.

Flora knew that if she built a rocket with a lot of power she could get near enough to a star to jump into the same path as Zoom, then catch up with the wild planet.

She would then hopefully be able to slowly lower herself onto Planet Zoom.

In order to make one of the quickest rockets in the world, Flora needed items that would make it ZOOM!

She set off around her house to find objects that could make her rocket ship as speedy as a cheetah.

She ended up with slingshots so the rocket would shoot up in the sky in less than a millisecond, bouncy balls to help it bounce like planet Zoom, and balloons so that they could keep floating along the skyline.

She was ready!

She counted down, strapped herself and Terry in, and WHOOOSH! She was off!

Quicker than lightning, she sped through the clouds and whizzed to the stars, coming face to face with the Milky Way.

Her bouncy balls bounded her between the planets, heading for Planet Zoom.

All the bouncing made Terry feel sick, but Flora gave him a bone to make him feel better.

The rocket did its job, and after some swishing and spinning, they came to land on PLANET ZOOM!

Flora stepped out of the rocket, and took her first glimpse at the magical Planet Zoom.

The night sky was bursting with shooting stars, and the ground was swirled with yellow and blue, like Van Gogh’s “Starry Starry Night”.

It was so beautiful, that Flora spent so long looking at it, she didn’t realise that her rocket had made friends with one of the shooting stars and was cheekily bouncing around amongst the Planet Zoom volcanoes.

Terry noticed, and had to fling his dog lead to lasso the planet and star back to the surface.

As the shooting star and the rocket had made friends, the star asked if she could come home with them.

Flora was happy, as long as the star agreed to display its shooting prowess for other people to enjoy.

Back home, it lived with the rocket in Flora’s local museum with all her space findings, and boldly shot around the museum galleries whilst people were looking at the exhibits.

Name: Ivy Ripley
Age: 8
Country: United Kingdom

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