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Try scale modelling

What’s the Idea?

While away the hours by building and painting scale models

What’s the story

I have been scale modelling since I was 13, so some 36 years now.

I wouldn’t call myself an expert compared to some out there in the hobby but I do do commissions for people.

It is my main hobby and I can spend hour upon hour researching and detailing a build.

I specialise in post war aircraft of all scales. I have had builds published on websites for aircraft museums.

People should do this because…?

It is a nice, relaxing, and enjoyable way to spend time.

If you gain an interest in a certain subject, research can interesting because you will find things out you didn’t know before.

It can help to focus the mind and shut the rest of the world outside.

My craft room is where i go to escape reality.

It also teaches patience and attention to detail.

Don’t be daunted, as the internet is full of resources for builders, including websites about each subject for research and there’s thousands of technique videos on Youtube.

There’s also many online suppliers who are enthusiasts themselves, and more than happy to help and advise on products.

My local supplier is linked below and he is happy to post all over the country.

There is also a very large community on Facebook, always ready to answer questions and advise.

How do you do it?

I have a craft room in the conservatory where all my kit is kept.

As a reasonably advanced modeller I have a lot of kit, including an airbrush station.

I either put on the computer and watch YouTube videos or put on the stereo and listen to music while working on a build.

I can spend a fair bit of time using the internet to research a subject, especially if it’s for a commission.

Finished builds can be posted on many Facebook sites where builders look, positively critique (if asked for) and comment on your efforts.

Stuff you may need

It is a hobby where you’ll build up a collection of kit over the years but starting can be very modest. A minimum would be:

  • A model kit
  • Glue
  • A few simple tools such as a craft knife and tweezers
  • The right paints

Some general household stuff is handy to have to hand such as:

  • An old newspaper to protect a surface
  • Kitchen roll to clean brushes etc etc.

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