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Saving Princess Pearl by Kyran Wu, age 9, UK

Once upon a time there was a knight, a bold knight named Sir Cutlass.

He was on an adventure to an eerie castle to find a princess.

At the end of the road, he discovered an abandoned mine. What Cutlass did not know was that his enemy, a dragon lived here.

Cutlass accidentally stepped on a loose rock which echoed around the cave awakening Red, the dragon.

“What do you want? A battle? I’ll give you a battle!” said Red, appearing from the mouth in a cave.

Red constantly blew fire.

When Red was out of breath, “now it’s my turn!” Cutlass yielded his trusty sword and BAM!

Red was defeated, he got up and began his flight somewhere else.

“This isn’t the last of me!” he cried.

As luck would have it, he had found a princess.

Together they headed the way Cutlass came.

There was a huge banquet, there was chicken and loads of other things in honour of Cutlass for saving the King’s daughter Princess Pearl.

Name: Kyran Wu
Age: 9
Country: United Kingdom

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