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Recreate your favourite moments from Jim Carrey’s movies

What’s the Idea?

Jim Carrey has created a wealth of amazing characters in movies, so why not recreate your favourite Jim Carrey movie moments?

What’s the story

Stuff To Do’s founder, Leigh Brownlee, would love to get in contact with Jim Carrey.

She has a message for him.

(Jim, you can reach Leigh at

So over the next few days, the team at Stuff To Do are creating Jim Carrey related content, celebrating the great man himself, in the hope of getting his attention.

I have enjoyed watching many Jim Carrey films over the years.

So I thought it would be fun to recreate some of my favourite movie moments

(With the help of my husband, and two children of course – I couldn’t leave them out of the fun.)

People should do this because…?

It’s a lot of fun;

You can get the whole family involved;

There are so many amazing Jim Carrey films to choose from;

Dressing up is involved! (Who doesn’t love to dress up?!)

You get to be super creative!

How do you do it?

Choose some of your favourite Jim Carrey films and pick your favourite moment or iconic scene.

Decide who you need in your shot and figure out who is going play which part.

Gather costumes and props that you will need.

Look at hairstyles, makeup and even the scenery.

The more you can copy from what is in the original scene the better your finished shot will be.

Get into position and take a photo either using a camera or smart phone.

(if you don’t have an extra pair of hands to take the photo for you, use the timer function on the camera/smart phone)

If you would like to recreate your favourite movie moments from Jim Carrey films, we would love to see your finished work – just send it in to:

Or you can help us get this post in front of Jim by liking and sharing it.

And help us get Leigh Brownlee’s message to him.

Stuff you may need

  • Access to the internet to look up Jim Carrey movies and characters
  • Everyday clothing and items to use as props
  • Wigs and Makeup if you have them
  • Camera or smart phone
  • Perhaps a tripod for the camera or smart phone
  • A creative flair and eye for detail!

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