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Recreate a music video

What’s the Idea?

Act out and film a favourite pop or rock video

What’s the story

As soon as we had the idea for I knew I was going to recreate a Kate Bush video.

The only thing I wasn’t sure of was if it would be Wuthering Heights or Suspended in Gaffa.

I went with Wuthering Heights, mainly because it was easier to do the costume!

(but I suspect Suspended in Gaffa might happen too)

People should do this because…?

It’s extraordinarily good fun

How do you do it?

I’m sure there’s more than one way you could do this

Here is the way I did it.

I watched the original video online

I went and found an appropriate costume

I did my hair and make-up

I put a speaker out in my front garden where I was going to film

I connected the speaker to my laptop where I had the original video ready to play

I played the tune out via my laptop + the speaker REALLY LOUDLY (sorry neighbours! But it was only for 4 minutes…)

That mean I could keep an eye on Kate’s dancing and copy it as I went along

My husband filmed it for me but if you are on your own I’m pretty sure you can set the camera up to film without needing anyone else

I think you could also film the video and overlay the music track once it was done, but unfortunately I’m not technical enough to tell you how

(we need someone to create a Stuffer page!)


  • Stereo / speaker – some way of playing music
  • Phone/ digital camera / video camera
  • Costume and make-up
  • Props as required

Links to other videos on the web


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