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Power of the Amulet by Prakriti Maheshwari, age 13, India – HIGHLY COMMENDED


Abra ka dabra Gili Gili chu!

The magician moved her wand and the pigeon disappeared.

One trick after another had kept the audience spellbound and anchored to their seats.

Everyone waited holding their breath to see what was next.

A kid in the audience exclaimed, “Would I ever be able to do this?”

A strong, convincing voice answered “Yes! Why not?!”.

As the child looked up, her eyes found her role model, the great magician Maya standing by her side.

Once the kid had collected herself, she managed to just about ask, with a stammering low voice, the question which she has been thinking for so long:

“Ma’am how did you learn magic?”.

The question took Maya the Magician down memory lane.

It seems like just yesterday, when she performed her 1st show.

Maya was about to unfold her life journey for the first time.

Everyone knew Maya as a great magician but no one ever knew the secret of her life.

As she started narrating her story, she could feel the breeze from the old Banyan tree in her courtyard.

How many times had she wrapped her mother’s black dupatta around her and throwing it behind her back, waved her stick deftly like a skillful magician?!

She started narrating:

“My interest in magic was ignited when my parents took me to the “PC Sarkar Magic show” when I was 5 years old.

“The show left a lasting memory and I was determined to master magic skills.

“I wrote countless emails and letters to many magicians, requesting, and even begging them to take me as their apprentice.

“However, no one responded positively, thinking me to be just a young kid.

“This didn’t deter me from my quest to learn magic.

“By the time I was twelve, I had learned many small tricks, but when I performed them people could catch them easily.

“My parents silently watched my frustration.

“On my 13th birthday, my parents gifted me an amulet.

“My mother told me that the amulet had magical powers and it will make all my wishes come true.

“My father told me that the amulet would show its powers slowly and only if I desired something strongly.

“I was delighted to get a magical gift. I attached it to a string and hung it around my neck.

“Every day I would talk to the amulet about my fantasies of performing the toughest tricks on stage which will keep the audience spellbound.

“With a new-found energy, I started practising.

“The magic of the amulet was working!

“By the end of the first week, I had mastered the first trick.

“Week after week, the power of the amulet increased, as my father said it would.

“I started performing tricks with ease, which earlier seemed almost impossible.

“It was my grandparents’ 50th anniversary in a week and there was a celebration planned along with friends and family.

“My parents asked me to perform a magic show on the special occasion.

“With my amulet around my neck, I had no worries.

“The celebration was grand. After the religious ceremony, the party began. After a few performances, I was called up to the stage.

“I started with a difficult trick which mesmerized the audience.

“I kept performing trick after trick and the applause from the audience kept getting louder.

“I could see the spark in my parents’ eyes when people applauded my skills.

“Soon, I was invited to perform at events like parties, corporate functions, society functions and my popularity kept increasing.

“After a few months, one night my parents asked me to return the amulet. The thought of performing magic without the amulet, made me shiver.

“I pleaded, “please don’t take it away”, as tears rolled down my eyes.

“With a little force, my mother took away the amulet. I sensed she was about to break it.

“She seemed to open the lock and a paper slipped out of the amulet. My mother handed over the paper.

“With blurred vision due to the tears in my eyes, I slowly read the words on it:

“Perseverance, Hard Work, and Determination.

“I learned the secret of learning magic that day. Since then I have performed at hundreds of shows and was also awarded the Young achievers award by the honourable president.

“That’s my story, kids, and now I can hand over the amulet to those who have a passion to learn magic.”

The hall reverberated with the sound of thundering applause which continued for a very long time.

Name: Prakriti Maheshwari
Age: 13
Country: India

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