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Hold your own posh picnic with these food ideas

picnic food ideas on a picnic table

What’s the Idea?

Create your own luxury picnic with these picnic food ideas – they’re perfect for enjoying outside during the warm weather.

What’s the story

I decided to pull together some picnic food ideas to help create a posh picnic, with a British flavour.

Normally I would be heading to that very British event – The RHS Chelsea Flower Show at this time of year.

(You can enjoy some wonderful food and drink at Chelsea!)

But of course because of the lockdowns, many such events are cancelled, or being held virtually instead.

But I decided that shouldn’t stop me from having a picnic.

Because picnics are one of my favourite ways to eat.

So I have created this posh picnic to enjoy while watching Chelsea Flower Show virtually

I’d love you to join me!

People should do this because…?

Picnic food ideas are a fun and creative way to cook and eat;

Because it’s a luxury picnic, you can be  a little decadent and treat yourself;

Picnics are easy to put together and you can do as much or as little as you want;

They are a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion;

Picnics are very flexible so you can customise the food for everyone’s taste;

I have included vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free picnic food ideas so everyone can join in.

How do you do it?

Select your drinks

Keeping hydrated is very important, but of course what you serve at your picnic depends on your guests.

Non- alcoholic drinks

For children and those who don’t drink alcohol, here are some refreshing picnic drinks ideas:

Mason Jar Citrus Coolers 

The mason jars are a great idea because they won’t spill easily.

Glow Water

Homemade Lemonade

I also love Elderflower cordial diluted with sparkling water, or you can buy ready made sparkling Elderflower.

Alcoholic tipples

If you are feeling really decadent, why not buy some Champagne?!

(Although Prosecco is lovely too!)

Or you could make your own fizz cocktails to enjoy.

What about a Peach Bellini?

Or a Kir Royale?

However the real taste of Summer is, of course,

Classic Pimms and lemonade

which is something I have always enjoyed at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Posh picnic food ideas


One of the best things about a picnic is being able to eat with your fingers.

Here are some great ideas of picnic food nibbles which you can either buy or make yourself.


Beetroot hummus (Vegan friendly) served with carrot, red pepper sticks or pita breads;

Fresh Guacamole is delicious with tortilla chips or pita breads;

(Make sure you put the avocado stone back into the guacamole so it doesn’t go brown.)

Roasted aubergine and pickle dip (Vegan friendly);

Smoked mackerel pate is delicious and easy to make. Serve with pita or a french stick.


Sausage rolls

You can buy of course buy sausage rolls, but these homemade ones taste amazing with pickles and mustard;

Puff pastry pies (Vegan)

If you are a vegan then these are a great alternative to sausage rolls;

Cherry tomato, marinated feta and basil skewers (vegetarian)

These are easy to make and a real taste of Summer;

Home-made Scotch eggs – I like this recipe from Jamie Oliver

Antipasti Boards

These are so easy to do but look and taste fabulous.

Arrange some grilled aubergines, chargrilled Italian peppers, marinated olives, caperberries and foccacia on a plate (Vegan);

Plus a selection of meats such as Parma ham, Prosciutto, Chorizo and Salamis for the carnivores;

And what about a cheese board with grapes and French bread?

Aim to include an aged cheese, soft cheese, blue cheese and a firm cheese.


No picnic would be complete without the quintessential British sandwich.

(I have it on good authority that the Queen loves a good sandwich.)

Understandably – because a sandwich is perfect for any occasion.

Coronation Chicken is a favourite for a very British picnic;

But remember if you’re being super posh you should cut the crusts off!

Here are some great ideas for other fillings.


Invented by the French and loved by the world.

These are perfect for any picnic as they can be sliced up on the day.

Here are 2 delicious recipes here suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


If you are using knives and forks then a salad is a lovely fresh addition to your picnic.

I’ve selected 3 of my favourites which are all easy to make:

Summer allotment salad with English mustard dressing (Vegetarian)

Epic summer salad (Vegetarian)

Quinoa salad (Vegan)

Sweet things

There is nothing more British than scones with clotted cream and jam.

But do you put your jam on first or your cream?

That depends on where you come from apparently.

I’ve provided 3 recipes – including a gluten free and a vegan option:

Scones served with jam and clotted cream

Gluten free recipe

Vegan cream tea

Strawberries and Cream

No British picnic would be complete without strawberries & cream.

They are a true taste of Summer and they are perfect with Champagne or Prosecco.

You could just pop them into bowls and serve them with cream.

But I have found a recipe that still has the strawberries and cream taste but is more portable.

Why not give it a try?

Or if you prefer – here’s a vegan alternative.

Finally, if those don’t satisfy your sweet tooth or you are craving chocolate, why not try these Vegan Chocolate Brownies;

Or these yummy gluten-free ones.

Keeping them cool

I recommend that you buy a cooler box or bag, or follow these tips on keeping things cool.

Grab yourself a brightly-coloured picnic rug, and of course bring some plates and cutlery too.

And whilst you’re enjoying your posh picnic, why not tune into some great music too, with an online concert.

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