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Play with Jenga -it’s more than just blocks!

What’s the Idea?

Need a break from the TV and stuck at home? Get creative with a set of Jenga blocks!

What’s the story

I wanted to share this with you as its something that has kept my kids (and hubby!) occupied for a couple of weeks now.

Its an activity they keep going back to. My daughter received a colourful outdoor Jenga set for her birthday and the blocks have been out on the floor ever since! At first, Jenga was played quite a few times, it was something easy they could play together.

Now almost everyday they create something new with the blocks – a building, a house, a stage, a hotel, a tower, a domino track that my son then likes to create a slow motion video from…so many things can be done with these blocks.

My son enjoys destroying his creations with bean bags or a bow and arrow! Sometimes they even like to play Jenga with their new creations!

People should do this because…?

I wouldn’t say in the past it was a number one activity, but these days when you are stuck at home its good to get creative with things that you already have.

They are inexpensive to buy if you don’t have them and don’t take up much space when you store then away. It is also an activity that kids can do on their own!

How do you do it?

Let your creative juices flow and start building!

Stuff you may need

Jenga blocks or any kind of building blocks

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