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Play the ‘Who Am I?’ game

What’s the Idea?

The ‘Who Am I?’ game, also known as the ‘Rizla’ game or ‘Forehead Detective’ game, is a brilliant FREE way to have fun at home for all ages

What’s the story

The Who Am I? game is a game I learned when I was a poor student and have been playing it ever since.

(We actually called it the Rizla game and used cigarette papers to play it – back in my smoking days!)

It’s suitable for kids, families, housemates, adults – basically anyone can play.

If you’re playing with adults, it’s particularly hilarious after a few drinks.

People should do this because…?

It’s a great way to pass a bit of time and can be very, very funny.

Apart from needing either post-it notes or cigarette rolling papers, the Who Am I? game is basically free to play.

You can play with just 2 people.

How do you do it?

The Who Am I? game concept is really simple.

(Although one thing to mention is, it’s not for Zoom – because people would be able to see their foreheads).

You play it like this:

  1. Each person writes the name of a famous person or character on a post-it note or Rizla
  2. Make sure to hide what you’re writing!
  3. Then everyone turns to the left and sticks their post-it or Rizla on their neighbour’s forehead
  4. That means everyone can see what is written on the post-it apart from the person it is stuck to
  5. Then the guessing begins
  6. Everyone takes it in turn to ask a question about the celebrity or character on their forehead
  7. For example you could ask ‘am I a man?’, or ‘am I a TV personality?’
  8. You can only ask questions which need yes or no answers
  9. If you get a ‘yes’, then you can ask another question
  10. If you get a ‘no’, then it passes round to the next person in the group
  11. The winner is the person to guess ‘Who they are’ first
  12. You keep going until everyone in the group has guessed correctly

You can see a video of Claire Foy & Matt Smith playing the ‘Who Am I?’ game here.

I have spent many happy hours playing the ‘Who Am I?’ game and I always make sure I have post-its in the house!

We’ve even opened it out beyond people, so you could be ‘The Empire State Building’ (for example).

Although bear in mind that might make it too hard for children.

You can play ‘Who Am I?’ for as little or as long as you want.

We’ve sometime gone for hours waiting for one person to guess theirs – so maybe don’t make it too hard!

Stuff you may need

  • Post-it notes or some Rizlas (cigarette rolling papers).

(Basically you need something you can both write on and stick to someone’s forehead.)

  • A few pens
  • A couple of shandies for the grown-ups!

Or you can actually buy a proper ‘Who Am I?’ game set, if you want to be extra swish.

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