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Pick up some gaming tips for Super Mario Odyssey

What’s the Idea?

My video explains cool things about World 2 in the Super Mario Odyssey game.

What’s the story

I love playing with my Nintendo Switch! I’ve been playing the Super Mario Odyssey game for quite a few months now and have learned some cool things about it.

People should do this because…?

I think the Super Mario Odyssey game is awesome fun and playing it is a perfect way to have a fun afternoon either on your own, or with friends and family.

How do you do it?

Please follow the tips in my video on this page! You will get lots of fun ideas on what to do in the World 2 part of the Super Mario Odyssey game.

Please note that you will need to play through World 1 before you will get to World 2.

Stuff you may need

To play this game, you will need a Nintendo Switch and the game chip which you will get when you buy the game.

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