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Our Great Shopping Day by Aoibhinn Hickey, age 5, Ireland

One day my little sister Clodagh and I went to town.

We walked to town to do the shopping for mammy.

We had a long list that mammy spent hours writing. I held it in my fist and off we went.

As we passed our cousin Sheena’s house, her dog Toby jumped up on us, took the list and ate it.

He gobbled it up in one go.

So we decided to go to town anyway and guess what might have been on the list.

We ran into the supermarket. I got milk and Clodagh got Coke. Clodagh doesn’t even like Coke.

Seeing as we were so quick doing the shopping we decided to go to the playground.

Mammy spends ages shopping and we were only a few minutes so I think we deserved a treat.

It started to rain. We ran home as quick as we could.

As we passed Toby’s house he jumped up on me again and this time he took the milk. He gulped it up in one go.

So we went back home with the Coke. Mammy went mad and we all had a glass of Coke.

The end of a great shopping day.

Name: Aoibhinn Hickey
Age: 5
Country: Ireland

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