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Appreciate opera online from the Royal Opera House

opera online - publicity photo from the English National Opera for La Traviata

What’s the idea?

If you’re missing the opera, or want to give opera a go, you can luxuriate in world-class performances from the Royal Opera House online

What’s the story?

I have to confess, I have never been to the opera.

However, I very much enjoy classical music and I do listen to opera occasionally while I’m painting.

If there’s one positive thing that has come out of the Coronavirus lockdowns, it’s the opportunity to access all sorts of events and performances.

And how amazing that you can watch world-class opera online for free!

Things like this are just what are needed to lift the spirits and break the monotony of lockdown.

So I decided to dip my toe into the opera pool by watching La Traviata online from the Royal Opera House.

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I hope you do too.

People should do this because…?

This is a great time to try new things – you might find something you love;

The Royal Opera House is considered to be one of the best opera houses in the world – enjoy the spectacle from your sofa

If you watch opera online, it doesn’t matter if you don’t enjoy it as you haven’t forked out a fortune for tickets

La Traviata is one of the all-time great operas, even if you’re not an opera buff, you may recognise some of the music

How do you do it?

The Royal Opera House has designed a free programme of online broadcasts as part of their #OurHousetoYourHouse series.

(There’s ballet as well as opera online.)

As well as showing full productions, they are also offering behind-the-scenes clips, and musical masterclasses.

All of this is available World-wide.

I watched La Traviata, but they are also showing these other great performances:

  • The Metamorphosis, The Royal Ballet, 2013
  • Anastasia, The Royal Ballet, 2016 – Online Premiere 15 May 2020, 7pm BST
  • Cendrillon, The Royal Opera, 2011 – Online Premiere 22 May, 7pm BST
  • The Cellist, The Royal Ballet, 2020 – Online Premiere 29 May, 7pm BST
  • Il Trittico, The Royal Opera, 2012 – Online Premiere 5 June, 7pm BST
  • La Fille Mal Gardée, The Royal Ballet, 2005 – Online Premiere 12 June, 7pm BST
  • The Magic Flute, The Royal Opera, 2017 – Online Premiere 19 June, 7pm BST

In fact, there’s enough online opera and ballet to keep you going for at least a month!

As I said, I watched La Traviata, by Verdi.

It’s the story of Parisian courtesan, Violetta, who tries to leave her life on the streets behind, in an attempt to find true love.

It is one of the great romantic tragedies.

If you would like to watch La Traviata online, here is the link.

If you’re not familiar with the opera, then you can find out all about it here.

If you like classical music, but you’re not sure about opera, there’s also lots of other online concerts to enjoy right now.

Stuff you may need

  • Laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Wifi
  • A love of music

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